Legislation sponsored by State Senator Kevin Bacon that updates Ohio’s insurance laws to reflect recent changes in federal law was signed today by Governor John Kasich. Senate Bill 9 suspends the Open Enrollment Program, the Ohio Health Reinsurance Program, and the conversion of health insurance policies/contracts option. These programs will be rendered unnecessary beginning in 2014 due to changes in federal law.

Senator Kevin Bacon represents the 3rd District in the Ohio Senate, which encompasses a portion of Franklin County. He presides as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce & Labor. For more information, please visit
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Ohio Senate Honors Life, Legacy Of Sergeant First Class Zachary Bannister


"Sergeant First Class Zachary Bannister was a hero in every sense of the word," said Senator Kevin Bacon (R-Westerville). "Our state and nation owes a debt of gratitude to Zachary and to the loving family this patriot leaves behind."


Bacon Announces House Passage Of Bill To Raise Awareness For Hypoparathyroidism


“Hypoparathyroidism is a painful reality for many Ohioans," said Bacon. "Bringing awareness to this debilitating disorder is a concrete way that we as friends and neighbors can help those suffering from the disease to receive the support they need to manage their condition and improve their quality of life."


State Senator Kevin Bacon Selected For Subcommittee Of National Task Force To Help Individuals With Disabilities Enter The Workforce


State Senator Kevin Bacon (R-Minerva Park) has been selected to serve on a subcommittee of a national task force created by The Council of State Governments to help state policymakers remove employment barriers for people with disabilities. 


Bacon Honors Ohio Domestic Violence Network For Awareness Efforts


"The Ohio Domestic Violence Network deserves our highest praise for its commitment to helping victims of domestic violence," said Bacon, who spoke today at a Statehouse press conference to kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month. "The consequences of domestic violence are felt in every community in our state, and we need to continue our efforts to help victims."