Legislation sponsored by State Senator Kevin Bacon that updates Ohio’s insurance laws to reflect recent changes in federal law was signed today by Governor John Kasich. Senate Bill 9 suspends the Open Enrollment Program, the Ohio Health Reinsurance Program, and the conversion of health insurance policies/contracts option. These programs will be rendered unnecessary beginning in 2014 due to changes in federal law.

Senator Kevin Bacon represents the 3rd District in the Ohio Senate, which encompasses a portion of Franklin County. He presides as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce & Labor. For more information, please visit
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Senator Bacon Seeks To Make Popular Ohio Sales Tax Holiday Permanent


"The legislation is an effort to help families preparing their kids to go back to school in August," said Senator Bacon. "The opportunity to save money on essential clothing and school items reduces the financial strain on consumers and boosts sales for local businesses." 


Bacon Urges Central Ohio Youth To Engage In The Democratic Process


"We are fortunate to live in a society where our voice at the ballot box is held with such high regard," said Bacon. "In many places around the world, the voices of the governed are silenced by oppressive governments."


Bacon Announces Passage Of Legislation To Protect Victims Of Domestic Violence


“This bill closes a loophole in Ohio Law so that offenders who violate a protection order cannot escape prosecution by avoiding service of the order,” said Senator Bacon, “Today we are cracking down on violent offenders who choose to ignore a court’s order, and preventing victims from enduring further torment.”


Ohio's First Sales Tax Holiday


Next week, Black Friday will get a run for its money. For the first time ever, a new Sales Tax Holiday will exempt sales tax on essential back-to-school items for Ohio families as summer winds to a close.