State Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Township) delivered a check on Tuesday to the Mentor City Council to support the city's efforts to improve stormwater management.

"These funds will go along way toward addressing the stormwater run-off issues that have affected so many families in the Mentor community," said Eklund. “Ohio's improved economic performance allows us to provide funds to support cities with these critically important projects.” 

Senator Eklund advocated for the inclusion of funds in the recent state operating budget to address the stormwater problem in Mentor and surrounding areas. An appropriation for $350,000 was approved by the legislature and signed by Governor Kasich earlier this summer. Combined with local dollars, these funds will be used to develop long-term solutions to area flooding that has strained local resources. 

Mentor City Council President Ray Kirchner accepted the payment from Senator Eklund and State Representative Ron Young, who jointly delivered the check on behalf of the State of Ohio. The presentation occurred during a meeting of the city council Tuesday evening. 

A full video of the check presentation, including remarks from Senator Eklund, is available on the City of Mentor's website.

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