Senator Eklund: Connecting Workers And Employers
By State Senator John Eklund
October 29, 2012
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Ohio has added more than 82,000 new jobs since the start of this year, and our unemployment rate is at its lowest point in the past four years. Much of our progress in this area can be attributed to our efforts to make Ohio's business environment more attractive and remove burdensome rules and regulations that hindered job growth.

As companies locate or expand their operations in Ohio, however, one of their biggest challenges remains finding workers with the skills and experience needed for the jobs being created. Moreover, those looking for work often grow frustrated when their search seems to turn up few available positions that meet their qualifications. That is why state officials and members of the business and education community have partnered together on a number of initiatives that aim to better connect employers and job seekers in Ohio.

Companies with job openings can take advantage of hiring and business services offered through the Office of Workforce Transformation, which coordinates the efforts of dozens of state and federal programs. Those looking for work can find assistance in their job search or in getting training for those fields that have jobs waiting to be filled.

Another great resource for both job seekers and employers is This one-stop web site allows individuals to post their resumes and search through thousands of listed positions – everything from internships to entry-level positions to those requiring more advanced degrees. In August, more than 91,600 job openings in the 17 counties that comprise the Cleveland area were posted on the site. Job seekers can apply online for any positions they may be interested in, as well as learn about upcoming job fairs and workshops near where they live. can also be used by employers to search through resumes as well as post job openings, all at no cost to them. Resumes can be searched by keyword, location, title or other categories to help provide the best candidates possible. Employers can also access information regarding job-training incentives, wage trends and regional talent reports showing in-demand job titles and the skills of those who applied.

One of our state's greatest assets is our talented workforce, which stands at the ready to help make companies of all shapes and sizes successful. Resources such as and the Office of Workforce Transformation are a step in the right direction, but we must continue to find innovative ways to link employers and job seekers. Doing so is essential as we seek to spark new economic activity and get Ohioans back to work.

As always, I welcome your views and concerns about any of the matters we discuss at the Statehouse. I can be reached by phone at (614) 644-7718, by e-mail at or by writing Senator John Eklund, Ohio Statehouse, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215. I look forward to hearing from you.

Senator Eklund represents the 18th Oho Senate District. For more information, please visit
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