Senator Cliff Hite - Senate District 1

09.14.17 - Senator Cliff Hite Introduces Legislation To Fix Ohio's Wind Setback Policy


“The current policy is contrary to Ohio’s reputation as a business-friendly environment and an energy-producing state,” said Sen. Hite. “It prevents businesses with an interest in gaining access to and investing in wind energy in Ohio from doing so.”


08.17.17 - Hite: In Northwest Ohio, Wind Is Our Shale


It saddens me that at this very moment, overreaching wind turbine setback laws are preventing just that. They have halted a tremendous economic development effort that is estimated to bring jobs and a $4.2 billion wind industry to an area that has not been able to reap the benefits of Ohio’s shale boom. Many parts of the state have neither the interest nor ability to generate significant amounts of energy using wind. That is fine--and they are pursuing economic development by other means. However, in my district, wind is our shale. And every day that goes by with this arbitrary setbacks rule in place is another missed opportunity to get this industry back on track for Northwest Ohio.


07.25.17 - Senators Join The Governor For Signing Of Senate Bill To Ensure Safe Drinking Water For All Ohioans


"I appreciate the input received from the agriculture and environmental communities, as well as local governments, in helping to develop this important piece of legislation,"


06.30.17 - Hite Touts Budget Investing In Schools, Rural Jobs And Lifting The Tax Burden For Ohio's Family Farmers


“Even with a tight revenue stream to work with, minimal schools will receive cuts, and many schools are actually receiving funding increases,” said Hite. “As the chairman of the Finance Subcommittee on Primary-Secondary Education, we heard almost 20 hours of testimony from local education leaders. The fact is, despite some tough decisions, this budget maintained historic levels of state aid investments in our K-12 education and made an additional investment of $274 million over the biennium. That is something to be proud of.”


05.17.17 - Hite Proposes New Protections For Fantasy Sports Fans


"Ohioans love sports," said Hite. "We should protect their continued enjoyment of these games. At the same time, we must create thoughtful standards for the industry to protect consumers and ensure transparency."


05.10.17 - Hite Announces Senate Passage Of Tax Reforms For Ohio's Farmers


“Many farmers simply can not afford to keep farming their land without CAUV reform,” said Hite. “This legislation will make important adjustments to ensure agricultural property values are calculated in a manner that is more reflective of their land use. These changes will help incentivize conservation practices—an important part of Ohio's efforts to protect its natural resources."


03.22.17 - Senate Approves Legislation Investing In Training For Local Police Chiefs


"This training program helps prepare local police chiefs to become effective and dynamic leaders in the communities they serve," said Senator Hite. 


03.22.17 - Hite Announces Senate Passage Of Transportation Budget, Steps To Spur Growth In Trucking Industry


"We hope to build on the progress made in this Transportation Budget to further reduce the barriers that are stifling growth in this vital industry," added Hite. 


03.09.17 - Turning Heartbreak Into Hope: Our Fight To Prevent Deadly Meningitis


March 9th is Meningitis Awareness Day in the State of Ohio. I know firsthand the heartbreak that meningitis can cause. My family lost my niece, Tess, to this terrible disease and I have made it a top priority to do all that I can to empower parents to protect their kids from meningitis. It was in her memory that I sponsored Senate Bill 275 during the 130th General Assembly, now known as Tess’s Law, requiring the meningitis vaccine for students entering 7th and 12th grades.


03.08.17 - PHOTO RELEASE: Hite Recognizes Convoy Crestview High School Softball State Champions


"Following the teams impressive 24-4 season, these young ladies deserved to finish the year as state champions," said Hite. " This title continues the school's tradition of excellence on and off the field and I look forward to following their success in years to come." 


02.07.17 - Hite Introduces Bill Continuing Efforts To Ensure Clean Drinking Water For All Ohioans


"This science-based, holistic legislation takes further steps to help protect one of our most precious natural resources," said Senator Hite. "I appreciate the partnership of the agriculture and environmental communities in crafting this important piece of legislation."


01.26.17 - Hite Appointed To Influential Senate Rules And Reference Committee


"I'm honored to have been chosen to serve on this committee, which plays such a vital role in the legislative process," said Hite. "Together, we will put forward a policy agenda that creates opportunities and makes Ohio a better place to live, work and raise a family."


12.14.16 - Hite Elected To Leadership For The Midwestern Legislative Conference


“I am honored for the opportunity to be a part of this distinguished leadership team, which will serve to foster regional collaboration among state lawmakers and assist in the development of thoughtful state policies that help improve the lives of those we serve,” said Hite. "States are the foundation of our democracy – our objective is to support an environment where effective problem-solving supersedes partisan politics."


12.02.16 - Hite Praises Senate Passage Of Bills Creating A Safer, Healthier Ohio


Lawmakers returned to the Statehouse this week to discuss various bills aimed at making Ohio a safer and healthier place, including three bills sponsored by Senator Cliff Hite (R-Findlay).


09.02.16 - Hite Announces Legislation To Help More Ohio Babies Reach Their First Birthday


“I am elated that we have constructively, and in a bipartisan way, developed legislation that will help save babies in Ohio,” said Senator Hite. "We have been woefully affected by the negative effects of infant mortality and this legislation will help correct many of these effects. We have a long way to go, but you could say that we are taking ‘baby steps.’”


07.28.16 - Keeping Kids Safe And Easing The Burden On Families As Students Return To The Classroom


Beginning Friday, August 5th and running through Sunday, August 7th, families can take advantage of this unique tax-free weekend when purchasing select items, often combined with additional discounts. Both shoppers and retailers can once again benefit from this savings opportunity.


07.27.16 - Hite And Gardner Begin Work On Violent Offender Registry


Lawmakers have taken significant steps to address the issue of violent crime in our state by strengthening penalties for repeat violent offenders and conducting a comprehensive review of that state’s criminal justice laws.

Last year, the General Assembly approved Senate Bill 97, better known as the Violent Career Criminal Act, which classifies any adult convicted of at least two violent felonies in the past eight years as a "Violent Career Criminal." Violent offenders under this classification now face steeper penalties such as mandatory prison time for subsequent offenses.

The legislature has also formed a bipartisan committee of 24 experts to conduct an extensive review of Ohio’s entire criminal code, with the goal of enhancing public safety and the administration of criminal justice throughout the state of Ohio.


05.25.16 - Hite Joins Ohio's Agricultural Lenders To Commemorate Centennial Of The Federal Farm Loan Act


“For nearly 100 years, Farm Credit has been serving Ohio’s rural communities,” said Hite. “Today we recognize our agricultural lenders for their efforts to provide responsible financial services that support Ohio’s number one industry.”


05.24.16 - Hite Announces Senate Passage Of Bill To Increase Diabetes Prevention Efforts


"With a comprehensive plan and partnership between state agencies, Ohio will be a leader in reducing the rate of diabetes," said Hite. "The plan and the forthcoming report will offer options and opportunities to best protect the future health of Ohioans." 


05.17.16 - Hite Honors Ohio's Winningest Basketball Coach From Kalida High School


"For 56 years, Coach Kortokrax has worked hard to develop sportsmanship and leadership skills in young athletes," said Hite. "We owe a debt of gratitude to this man for the immeasurable impact he has made on so many Ohio athletes."


04.28.16 - Hite Joins Former Miss Ohio To Announce Passage Of Lifesaving Bill Addressing Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest In Student-Athletes


"I just cannot imagine losing somebody because we haven't taken the time to learn more about this," said Hite. "As a former coach and educator I realized that if we raise awareness of this often-preventable condition lives could be saved."


03.11.16 - CORRECTION: Hite Shares Findings From Statewide Tour On Student Participation Fees


“We can all agree on one thing—extra- and co-curricular activities play an important role in the overall development of students, both inside and outside the classroom," said Hite. "It was important that we heard from all impacted parties in order to best address this issue as the goal has always been to ensure Ohio's students are given the greatest opportunities to succeed now and throughout their lives."


02.09.16 - Hite Announces Legislative Fellowship Program


"Legislative fellows are presented with a truly unique opportunity to work side by side with legislators, policymakers and other influential state leaders," said Hite. "This is an invaluable experience and for many fellows it opens the door for lifelong careers in public service or builds a skill set to succeed in any field in the future."


02.09.16 - Hite Shares Findings From Statewide Tour On Student Participation Fees


“We can all agree on one thing—extra- and co-curricular activities play an important role in the overall development of students, both inside and outside the classroom," said Hite. "It was important that we heard from all impacted parties in order to best address this issue as the goal has always been to ensure Ohio's students are given the greatest opportunities to succeed now and throughout their lives."


12.15.15 - Hite Joins Team To Lead Nonpartisan Group Of State, Provincial Legislators In 2016


“I am truly honored for the opportunity to help lead this organization as I believe this regional collaboration among state lawmakers will help foster thoughtful state policies that better the lives of our constituents,” said Hite. "States are truly the foundation of our democracy – our leaders in Washington would benefit greatly from employing a similar approach that emphasizes problem-solving over politics.”


12.09.15 - Hite Honors State Track And Field High Jump Champion At Statehouse


"As a former coach I love to see student-athletes excel while learning life lessons along the way," said Hite. "I congratulate Brooke on this phenomenal achievement and hope to see her back in Columbus next season."


12.08.15 - Hite Announces Legislation To Address Sudden Cardiac Arrest In Youth Athletes


"Sudden cardiac arrest is the number one killer of student athletes," said Davis. "We need to equip our coaches, teachers and parents with the tools to recognize these symptoms and that is precisely why we are here today."


11.18.15 - Hite To Hear From Northeast Ohioans About Fees For Co-Curricular School Activities


"Co-curricular activities are important to the educational and social development of our young people and often give them a pathway to thrive and succeed at school," said Hite, a former educator and coach. "Hearing from experts regarding student athlete health concerns such as sudden cardiac arrest and youth concussions is also extremely important to the safety of our young athletes."


11.18.15 - Hite Announces Bill To Improve Agriculture Property Taxes And Enhance Water Quality


“These factors arbitrarily inflate the value of farmland based on market considerations and do not in any way account for how much income is achieved,” said Hite. “These changes will allow for wider implementation of best practices to enhance water quality.”


11.17.15 - Hite Announces Passage Of Legislation Honoring Local Hero Lt. Col. Ralph D. Cole


"Lt. Col. Ralph D. Cole remains an iconic figure in the history of the city of Findlay and Hancock County and this legislation seeks to honor the legacy of one of our greatest sons," said Hite. 


10.30.15 - Hite Plans Tour To Hear From Ohioans About Fees For Co-Curricular School Activities


"Co-curricular activities are important to the educational and social development of our young people and often give them a pathway to thrive and succeed at school," said Hite, a former educator and coach. "Requiring outrageous fees to participate limits students who might not be afforded those opportunities otherwise."


10.21.15 - Ohio Senate Passes Legislation To Create New Jobs In Rural Communities


"Small businesses are the economic backbone for Ohio's rural communities," said Hite. "This legislation will make a real difference for those that provide most of the jobs in rural Ohio."


09.15.15 - Ohio Pediatricians Honor Hite For Efforts To Improve Children's Health


"I am honored to receive this award and appreciate the support of those in the pediatric health community who have joined this effort to raise awareness about preventable diseases among Ohio families," said Hite. "Together, we are saving lives."


09.04.15 - State Fair Seeks STEM Businesses For 2016 Exhibit


"This is a great opportunity to showcase the innovative ideas and products originating here in Ohio," said Senator Hite who serves as an ex-officio member of the Ohio Expositions Commission. 


08.31.15 - Hite Announces State Investment In NSCC Job Training Program


"Investments like this continue to make northwest Ohio an ideal place for employers to find qualified workers to fill in-demand, good-paying jobs," said Hite. "We are committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure that our workers are prepared to take fill positions in our growing advanced manufacturing sector."


08.13.15 - A Lifesaving Item For The Top Of Every Back-to-School Checklist


Bacterial meningitis, the most serious form of the illness, can cause inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord, blood infection, or both. The disease can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms like headache, fever and nausea can be similar to those of more common conditions like the flu. Meningitis becomes serious very quickly and can kill within 48 hours. Nearly 15 percent of those who contract meningitis will die. One in five of those who survive the infection have lasting effects like brain damage, hearing loss or limb amputation.


08.04.15 - Lawmakers Hold Agriculture Committee Meeting At Ohio State Fair


Surrounded by the sites, sounds and even smells of the Ohio State Fair, legislators met in the Donahey Nationwide Agriculture and Horticulture Building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Ohio Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Cliff Hite (R-Findlay) was accompanied by State Senators Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township), Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City), Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green) and Bob Peterson (R-Sabina). 


07.17.15 - Hite Legislation To Protect Ohioans From Deadly Meningitis Signed Into Law


“This law protects Ohio’s children and families from preventable deaths,” said Hite. "No parent or family member should ever have to suffer the loss of a child to this terrible disease. This law has the potential to save lives."


07.09.15 - Hite Announces Funds To Support Ayersville School Construction Project


"This construction project is great for students, parents and the entire Ayersville community," said Hite. "The new facility will provide a state-of-the-art learning environment, while potentially saving the district costs associated with operating an older school."


06.25.15 - Hite Announces Senate Passage Of Senate Legislation To Increase Accountability For Ohio Charter Schools


“Ohio’s charter schools are an important part of Ohio's education system,” said Hite. “The legislation passed today addresses the most pressing challenges facing Ohio’s charter school system. This is a comprehensive piece of legislation that ensures that each student receives the highest quality education possible.”


06.24.15 - Hite Recognizes Defiance High School Boys Baseball Champions


“Following an incredible 28-5 season, these boys deserved to finish the year as state champions,” said Hite. “This title continues the school's tradition of excellence in baseball and I look forward to following the success of this team next year.”


06.18.15 - Hite Leads Efforts On Education, Praises Passage Of Senate Budget Proposals


“There are a number of provisions in this budget that will directly help northwest Ohio,” said Senator Hite. “I am particularly proud of the way our school funding proposal levels the playing field for rural districts and drives new state dollars to the low-capacity districts that need them without reducing state aid to other districts.”


06.08.15 - Hite Announces Rollout Of Senate Budget Bill With $1.7 Billion Net Tax Cut


 "We are making significant investments to ensure that all students are equipped for success when they enter the workforce."


06.03.15 - Hite Honors State Bowling Champion From Bryan High School


"It is my honor to recognize this outstanding young lady for her success at the state bowling championship," said Hite. "It's worth noting that Danika not only beat the state record, but did so as a freshman. We are expecting big things from Danika in the years ahead."


05.13.15 - Hite Recognizes Achievements Of Local Nurse Practitioner


"As a teacher you hope to inspire students, but sometimes it works the other way around and that was certainly the case with Ashley," said Hite. "It is fitting that we recently celebrated Nurse Appreciation Week and now recognize such a role model for nursing professionals everywhere."


05.12.15 - Hite Inducted Into Northwest State Community College Honor Societies


"My biggest piece of advice for students is to do what you love in the service of those that love what you do," said Hite. "Sometimes we spin our wheels trying to please those that don't appreciate our efforts. If we approach our professions more as callings, we will be more productive, happier and generally more successful."


05.04.15 - Hite Announces 70 New Jobs For Hancock County


"These projects represent the important partnership between state and local governments with the common goal of creating jobs and lifting our communities," said Hite. "This investment strengthens our transportation infrastructure in Hancock County and supports local businesses."


04.29.15 - Senator Hite Recognized As Champion For Agriculture And Poultry Issues


"It has been an honor to serve Ohio's No. 1 industry which employs 1 in 7 Ohio workers and feeds, fuels and clothes our society," said Hite.


04.23.15 - Hite Announces Passage Of Meningitis Immunization Standards


“This bill is about protecting Ohio’s children and families from preventable tragedies, and I am proud to honor not only my niece, but all those who have suffered from Meningitis,” said Hite. “If we can prevent even one death with the passage of this bill, we will have made a difference.”


04.02.15 - Senator Hite Announces 80 New Jobs


“This decision is a prime example of how the State of Ohio is ensuring economic development on the local level through such important public-private partnerships,” said Hite.


03.25.15 - Hite Announces Passage Of Senate Priority Bill To Ease Regulatory Burdens On Ohio Schools


“The impact of this bill will be felt by every school district in Ohio. Our local boards, administrators and teachers know what works best in their schools, and this gives them the flexibility to focus their efforts and resources on the students in the classroom," said Hite.


03.23.15 - Hite Announces Funding For Hicksville Road Project


“These funds will improve infrastructure in a key manufacturing area, attracting new jobs to Hicksville,” said Hite. “Expansions like the one at A&P Tool are how Defiance County has lowered its unemployment rate from 14.5 percent to 5.7 percent in the last five years.”


03.10.15 - Hite Announces Legislation To Protect Children From Meningitis


“I am continuing my commitment to Tess and other victims by introducing this bill. If we can prevent even one death with the passage of this bill, we will have made a difference,” said Hite.


03.04.15 - Why March 9 Matters


For many Ohioans, the approaching date of March 9 may be just another day on the calendar. I’m hopeful that you will spend a moment here to learn something new about a day that is so important to me.


02.23.15 - Senator Hite Announces New Jobs For Defiance County


“Reducing the tax burden on our small businesses is one of my goals in Columbus,” said Hite. “We have seen incredible job growth in northwest Ohio over the last few years and today’s announcement shows that we are still headed in the right direction.”


01.23.15 - Hite Named To Third Term As Senate Agriculture Chairman, Takes Reins Of Finance Subcommittee On Education


Ohio Senate President Keith Faber today appointed State Senator Cliff Hite to serve as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture. Hite will also take the reins of the Finance Subcommittee on Education.


10.06.14 - Hite Announces Funding For Flood Mitigation


State Senator Cliff Hite today announced that the Controlling Board approved nearly $1 million in funding for flood mitigation activity in northwest Ohio.


08.12.14 - Hite Aims To Raise Meningitis Awareness


State Senator Cliff Hite recently authored this piece on the importance of raising meningitis awareness.


07.29.14 - Hite Attends Joint Agriculture Committee Meeting Held At Ohio State Fair


Officials from the Ohio Senate joined officials from the Ohio House of Representatives today to host a joint agriculture committee meeting at the Ohio State Fair. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Cliff Hite was joined by Senators Troy Balderson, Bob Peterson, Frank LaRose, and Lou Gentile.


06.05.14 - Governor Signs Hite Initiatives To Protect Inland Lakes, Raise Awareness For Meningitis


Governor John R. Kasich today signed Senate Bill 150 into law, sponsored by State Senator Cliff Hite, which provides proper standards to ensure the responsible use of agriculture nutrients in a way that protects the state’s water quality.


06.02.14 - Hite Announces 465 New Jobs Coming To Findlay Thanks To State Investment


State Senator Cliff Hite today announced the Ohio Controlling Board released $1.03 million in Roadwork Development Grants associated with two separate projects in Findlay.


04.08.14 - Hite Announces Passage Of Resolution Honoring Extension System


Senator Cliff Hite announced today that the Ohio Senate unanimously passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 33, honoring the centennial celebrations of the Extension program in Ohio.


02.19.14 - Senate Approves Use Of School Property Sale Revenue For Improvements


COLUMBUS– State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) today announced the Senate passed legislation that would allow the revenue received from the sale of school district real property to be used for construction or acquisition of permanent improvements.


01.22.14 - Senate Passes Bill To Protect Ohio's Inland Lakes


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 150, sponsored by Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay), which seeks to provide proper standards to ensure the responsible use of agriculture nutrients in a way that protects the state’s water quality.


01.06.14 - Senator Hite Urges Ohioans To Take Precaution Against Cold Weather


COLUMBUS– State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) today urges all residents of Northwest Ohio to take additional precautions during the pending bitter cold temperatures descending on the Midwest over the next 48 hours.


12.04.13 - Hite Honors Boys Cross Country State Champions


COLUMBUS– State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) today honored Defiance High School boys cross-country team on winning the 2013 Division II State Championship. This is the first state championship title in the program’s history.

“The Bulldogs certainly proved everyone wrong when they weren’t expected to win,” said Hite. “As the first team to win the crown in Defiance history, these boys really displayed what they’re capable of, and I expect we’ll see more wins from them in the future.”


10.30.13 - Tinora High School Girls Track And Field Honored By Senate


COLUMBUS– State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) today honored the Tinora High School Girls 4X200 Relay Team on the floor of the Ohio Senate. Kenzie Hall, Ashton Otte, Chelsey Seifert, and Tori Abdul were recognized for their outstanding performance during the 2013 season and for seizing the 2013 Division III State Championship.


09.07.13 - Hite Speaks To AmeriCorp College Completion Coaches


State Senator Cliff Hite today spoke with AmeriCorps college completion coaches. He gave them teaching advice, telling them to find every student's passion and focus on their skill set in order to help them succeed.


06.27.13 - Hite Announces Historic Tax Cut, Largest Investment In Public Education In A Decade


COLUMBUS– Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) today announced the passage of House Bill 59, the state’s two-year operating budget. The bill contains as its cornerstones one of the largest single-year tax cuts in Ohio’s history as well as the largest legislative investment in public education in more than 10 years.


06.07.13 - Senate Passes Small Business Cut, Largest Investment In Education In Over A Decade


The Ohio Senate yesterday approved House Bill 59, the state’s biennium budget proposal, which includes at its cornerstone a $1.4 billion tax cut for Ohio’s small businesses and a $717 million increase in state education funding, the largest legislative investment in education in more than 10 years. 


05.09.13 - Senator Hite Emphasizes The Importance Of Reading At Horizon Science Academy


State Senator Cliff Hite (R-Findlay) recently visited the Horizon Science Academy to read with the children. The exercise is part of Horizon's work to encourage reading among their students.


05.08.13 - Hite Praises Ohio's Improved Business Climate Ranking


Cliff Hite today hailed a new survey on state business climates by Chief Executive Magazine as further evidence that Ohio’s economy is back on track as a result of the pro-growth strategies created in the Statehouse over the past few years.


05.06.13 - Hite Announces $385,000 For The Blanchard River Flood Mitigation Projects


Cliff Hite today announced the state Controlling Board has authorized $385,000 to fund ongoing flood mitigation efforts on the Blanchard River.


05.01.13 - Hite Honors Ottawa-Glandorf Titans At The Statehouse


State Senator Cliff Hite today hosted the Ottawa-Glandorf Boys Basketball Team at the Statehouse. During the Senate session, the team was honored with a resolution praising their Division III State Championship.


04.23.13 - Hite Honors Blue Ribbon Arcadia High School


State Senator Cliff Hite today honored Arcadia High School on the Senate Floor for being named a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program identifies and recognizes public and private school for excellence in teaching and instruction, student success, leadership, and parental involvement.


03.20.13 - Hite Legislation Increases Cap On Grain Indemnity Fund


Senate Bill 66, sponsored by State Senator Cliff Hite, today passed the Ohio Senate with unanimous, bipartisan support. The legislation increases the cap on the Grain Indemnity Fund by modifying Ohio’s “Agricultural Commodity Handler’s Law.”


02.27.13 - Hite Honors Local Achievements On The Senate Floor


State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) today presented two resolutions, honoring local achievements and individuals on the floor of the Ohio Senate.


01.09.13 - Hite Renamed Senate Agriculture Chairman

Statehouse - 

State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) was today named the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture. During the previous legislative session, Hite chaired the Senate Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee, a panel that has been modified as part of the committee restructuring of the 130th General Assembly.


01.07.13 - Senator Hite Takes Oath Of Office, Begins New Term In The Ohio Senate

Statehouse - 

As part of the Opening Ceremonies of the 130th General Assembly, State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) was today officially sworn in as the Senator for the 1st District. Hite was first appointed to the State Senate in 2011 to fill the unexpired term of State Senator Steve Buehrer. Prior to his appointment he was elected three times to the Ohio House of Representatives.


12.11.12 - PHOTO: Hite Named "Defender Of Liberty"

Columbus, Ohio - 

COLUMBUS– State Senator Cliff Hite (R–Findlay) was named Tuesday as a “Defender of Liberty” by the American Conservative Union (ACU). Senator Hite received the award during a ceremony this morning in the Ladies Gallery of the Ohio Statehouse.


09.28.12 - Senator Hite Welcomes AgriPOWER And The Ohio Farm Bureau To The Statehouse

Columbus - 
State Senator Cliff Hite spoke this morning to individuals from the Ohio Farm Bureau's AgriPOWER Institute in the North Hearing Room of the Ohio Statehouse.

09.26.12 - PHOTO: Hite Agriculture Legislation Signed By Governor Kasich

Columbus - 
State Senator Cliff Hite announced today that Governor Kasich has signed his legislation to expand market opportunities for Ohio agriculture commodities.

05.24.12 - Findlay High School's We The People Squad Visits The Ohio Senate

Columbus - 
Students from Findlay High School dropped by the Ohio Senate on Wednesday afternoon.  The group recently won the state's We the People competition which was held in Columbus earlier this year.

05.22.12 - Senate Helps To Celebrate Findlay's Bicentennial

Columbus - 
Members of the Ohio Senate today honored the City of Findlay on the historic celebration of its bicentennial. State Senator Cliff Hite recognized the milestone by presenting Mayor Lydia Mihalik with a Senate Resolution.

05.03.12 - Hite Leads Senate In Honoring OSU Hoopster Aaron Craft

Columbus - 
Buckeye basketball star Aaron Craft was the center of attention at the Statehouse today as the Ohio Senate honored the Findlay native's ongoing success both on and off the hardwood.

04.25.12 - Ridgeway's Two-time FFA Champs Welcomed To Senate Floor

Columbus - 
Members of the Ridgemont High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) took center stage while in Columbus Tuesday. The accomplishments of the future farmers were recognized by State Senator Cliff Hite who presented the group with a Senate Resolution.

04.24.12 - Arlington's State Champs Receive Senate Honors

Columbus - 
Members of the Arlington High School Girls Basketball Team recently met with State Senator Cliff Hite while Columbus. The Findlay lawmaker saluted the Red Devils accomplishments on the hardwood with a Senate Resolution.

04.18.12 - Ohio Senate Provides Farmers A Framework To Better Market Products

Columbus - 
The state's number one industry received a big boost today as the Senate approved a plan to give Ohio farmers the opportunity to better market their products while simultaneously working to meet or exceed recently enacted federal food safety standards.

02.28.12 - Hite Named Legislator Of The Year By Statewide Organization

Columbus - 
The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA) recently tabbed State Senator Cliff Hite as its 2012 Legislator of the Year.  Hite received the honor during the Central Environment Nursery Trade Show (CENTS) that was held in Columbus.

02.21.12 - Hite Announces 2013 Legislative Fellowship In Columbus

Columbus - 
State Senator Cliff Hite recently announced that the Ohio Legislative Service Commission (LSC) is accepting applications for the 2013 Fellowship program.

06.08.11 - Statement From State Senator Cliff Hite On Passage Of State Budget

Columbus - 
State Senator Cliff Hite issued the following statement today regarding the Ohio Senate's passage of House Bill 153, the state's operating budget: "The budget passed by the Senate reduces government spending and eliminates a multi-billion dollar shortfall, all without raising taxes on Ohio families. From the outset, my colleagues and I have been committed to crafting a fiscally-responsible budget that protects vital services and encourages job creation and economic development, and I believe we have achieved that goal."

03.22.11 - Hite And Bacon To Introduce Bill To Help Ensure Ohioans Have Access To Quality Emergency Care

Columbus - 
State Senators Kevin Bacon (R-Minerva Park) and Cliff Hite announced today they will introduce legislation granting limited liability to physicians who provide emergency medical services, ensuring they will be able to provide the best care possible to those in need without fear of being sued. Similar legislation was introduced and passed in the Ohio Senate by former Senator Steve Buehrer during the last General Assembly.

03.10.11 - Hite Welcomes Liberty-Benton Students To Ohio Statehouse

Columbus - 
State Senator Cliff Hite recently met with students from Liberty-Benton Schools in Findlay and spoke with them about his role as a state senator. The students each had a piece of artwork chosen for display in the Ohio House of Representatives while Hite was a member of that chamber, and he invited them to Columbus to see their art on display and tour the Ohio Statehouse.

02.01.11 - Cliff Hite Appointed To 1st Ohio Senate District Seat

The Ohio Senate, led by President Tom Niehaus (R- New Richmond), today appointed Cliff Hite to serve as state senator for the 1st Ohio Senate District. Hite replaces former Senator Steve Buehrer, who resigned his seat last month. The 1st Ohio Senate District encompasses Defiance, Fulton, Hancock, Hardin, Henry, Paulding, Putnam, Williams and Van Wert counties as well as portions of Auglaize County.