Ohio Is Open For Business Again
A Guest Column by State Senator Frank LaRose
October 16, 2014
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My colleagues and I in the state legislature continue to promote economic growth and job creation.  Through our efforts, we have worked to focus on the needs of Ohio’s businesses and, ultimately, our workers.  When Ohio’s businesses thrive so do Ohio families, and it is starting to show results.  Over the last three years, Ohio has created more than 252,000 new private sector jobs.  Last year, Ohio witnessed the creation of nearly 90,000 businesses, the most in state history.

In order to keep this momentum going, I sponsored Senate Bill 3, which helps eliminate outdated, unnecessary or senseless rules and regulations.  Easing the burden on Ohio’s employers, while maintaining an efficient and effective regulatory system is important to attract and maintain jobs in our state.

Senate Bill 3 improves the current rule-making process by increasing communications between state government and small businesses.  The development of a new website, www.RuleWatchOhio.org, will help the rule making process by allowing Ohioans to voice their opinions.  More importantly, it will provide tools for users to receive notifications on new or revised government regulations.  As a result, state agencies will be able to alter or remove duplicative and burdensome regulations.

One important provision of this bill requires the Ohio Office of Budget and Management to conduct a study of all fines imposed by state agencies and report these findings along with providing a list of recommendations.  The recommendations in this report will help legislators evaluate the current regulatory fine structure.

This bill is the result of suggestions from the outstanding professional staff at the Joint Committee on Agency Rule and Review (JCARR), ideas from legislative colleagues, suggestions of the 2008 Ohio Regulatory Reform Task Force Report, as well as ideas from constituents and many other thoughtful Ohioans.  By reaching across the aisle to craft this bill, there was strong bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate.

Government must work for the citizens of our state, not the other way around.  Senate Bill 3 helps accomplish that aim and will assure that employers can continue to invest in our state so that Ohio families can prosper.  This bill is another step in the right direction for our state’s economic development.

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