S. B. No. 26
General Assembly: 133
Short Title: Permit income tax deduction for certain teacher expenses
Long Title: To amend sections 5739.01, 5739.012, 5739.02, 5739.03, 5747.01, and 5747.08 and to repeal section 101.61 of the Revised Code and to amend Sections 333.83 and 757.150 of H.B. 166 of the 133rd General Assembly to authorize a state income tax deduction for teachers' out-of-pocket expenses for professional development and classroom supplies, to modify the business income deduction and delay some tax credit repeals, to exempt feminine hygiene products and some incontinence products from sales and use tax, to abolish the Public Office Compensation Advisory Commission, and to modify a "Food Farmacy" pilot project earmark.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Kunze
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