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Featured Posts

Lehner Receives National Honor For Commitment To Charter School Success


"We've made great strides to ensure that Ohio's children are provided the highest quality educational opportunities and I am proud of our work in Ohio to strengthen and improve Ohio's charter public schools," said Lehner. "The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is committed to charter school excellence and I thank them for this great honor."


Faber Introduces Bill To Ease Access To Public Records


“This is about open government and building fairness and the public’s confidence in a process that often is out of sight and out of mind until someone needs to put government to the test,” Faber said. “I greatly appreciate the recommendations and support of Auditor Yost, Attorney General DeWine, the judicial branch and the Ohio Newspaper Association over the last several months as we worked on making this process more affordable and accessible to Ohioans.”


Ohio Senate Weekly Report For April 25-29, 2016


Welcome to May! It promises to be a busy month at the Ohio Senate. Watch this brief video update to learn what the Senate is doing to make sure you have access to public records, as well as to protect student athletes around Ohio


Senator Jim Hughes Announces Passage Of Legislation To Designate Purple Heart Day In Ohio


“As the son of a World War II Navy fighter pilot as well has having an uncle who was wounded in action and two grandfathers who served in World War I, I am humbled to have garnered the unanimous and bipartisan support of my colleagues in the Ohio General Assembly,” Hughes stated. “I am proud to have sponsored this measure to designate a special day for those who have received a Purple Heart."