Senator Joe Uecker - Senate District 14

02.16.18 - ADVISORY: Lawmakers Introduce Bill Improving Access And Affordability Of Ohio's Fishing And Hunting Licenses


COLUMBUS—State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) alongside Senator Sean O'Brien (D-Bazetta) and State Representatives Jonathan Dever and Jack Cera, will hold a press conference on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 11 a.m. to introduce legislation aimed at better serving sportsmen and women by improving access and affordability of Ohio's fishing and hunting licenses.


01.17.18 - Uecker Announces Passage Of Bill Protecting The Dignity Of Life For Aborted Fetal Remains


“The abortion industry’s practice of sending these dead babies to landfills only further demonstrates an utter disregard for the sanctity of human life,” said Uecker.


01.10.18 - Uecker Appointed Chairman Of Joint Committee On Agency Rule Review


"Strengthening efficiency and transparency is crucial for the State's rule making process," said Uecker. "I look forward to taking on this new role to ensure that rules are filed in a timely and fair manner and are within proper statutory authority." 


10.20.17 - Uecker Introduces Bill To Reform State Agency Rulemaking Process


“Whether you own a small business or are simply dealing with over regulation as an individual, we can all agree that strengthening efficiency and transparency will be a positive thing for the state's rulemaking process,” said Uecker.


08.16.17 - Uecker Introduces Bill Supporting Rights Of Ohioans To Defend Themselves And Their Families


"The sad reality is that in cases of self-defense, law-abiding Ohioans are guilty until proven innocent," said Uecker. "Only compounding the anxieties of such a life-or-death situation is the obligation to prove your own innocence if, God-forbid, you are forced to use a firearm to defend yourself or your family."


08.08.17 - Uecker Appointed To Foundation For Promoting Job Creation In Southern Ohio Farming Communities


"I'm honored to join this distinguished group of community leaders as we promote opportunities that help spur job creation here in southern Ohio," said Uecker. "Programs supported by the foundation also play an important role in improving quality of life for families across the region."


03.22.17 - Senate-Passed Transportation Budget Invests $7.8 Billion For Improving Local Roads And Bridges


"This budget takes steps to address the infrastructure concerns of our local communities, with an additional $48 million for county and municipal road improvements," said State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township). "Investments in Ohio's robust transportation system support easier access for companies to reach new markets for their goods and services."



03.14.17 - Uecker Announces Workers' Compensation Rebate Of $1 Billion To Ohio's Employers


“I am proud to see that BWC has contained costs, making it possible for employers to reinvest and create more job opportunities throughout Ohio,” said Senator Uecker. 


03.08.17 - PHOTO RELEASE: Uecker Honors Miss Ohio 2017


"Dinaleigh's success is a testament to her hard work and dedication over many years," Uecker said. "Today, I'd like to commend Ms. Baxter for representing her community and state so well and to wish her continued success in her future endeavors."


02.15.17 - Uecker To Serve On The Ohio Dentist Loan Repayment Board


"Providing adequate preventative dental care in underserved areas can help reduce the need for more costly medical and dental procedures down the road,” said Uecker.  "I look forward to working alongside other members of this council to create opportunities for qualified dentists to practice in underserved areas."  


02.07.17 - Uecker Announces 2018 Legislative Fellowship Program


"The fellows play an important role in our everyday work, while gaining invaluable experience that they can use throughout their careers," Uecker said. "I always look forward to working alongside them to create public policy that will benefit the people of our great state."


02.03.17 - Uecker Named Chairman Of Senate Local Government, Public Safety And Veterans Affairs Committee


"I am grateful to President Obhof for choosing me to lead this Senate standing committee as we continue our efforts to improve government efficiency, strengthen public safety and make Ohio a place that offers abundant opportunity for our military service members as they return home," said Uecker.


12.12.16 - Ohio Protects Self-Defense Capabilities, Honors Military Firearm Training


"This honors the extensive firearm instruction that our service men and women undergo during their military training," said Uecker. "Our brave military men and women who carry firearms in defense of our country should also be allowed to carry their handgun for personal defense while at home." 


12.07.16 - Senator Uecker Commemorates 75th Anniversary Of Ohio Civil Air Patrol


"As the father of three children in the Air Force, aviation has a special place in my heart," said Uecker. "The Civil Air Patrol has played an important role in our national security since its early years and continues to do so today."


10.27.16 - Ensuring A Safe And Memorable Trick-Or-Treat Night


Trick-or-treat is a fun time for kids to get outdoors, enjoy some tasty treats and wear spooky costumes alongside their friends and family. As families take to the streets for an evening of tricking and treating, it is important to incorpoate some extra precautions to ensure a safe, exciting and memorable occasion. 


09.28.16 - Uecker Introduces License Plate Bill Supporting Advocacy For Ohioans Living With Down Syndrome


“I’m honored to join families across Ohio in raising awareness about Down syndrome," said Uecker. "Any way we can provide support to Ohioans who live with Down syndrome and their families is important."


09.22.16 - Celebrating National Hunting And Fishing Day: Saturday, September 24th


The end of the summer marks the beginning of a new season of adventure for Ohio's hunters and anglers. This Saturday, I hope you will join me in celebrating the 44th annual National Hunting and Fishing Day by taking advantage of the countless opportunities for Ohio's sportsmen and sportswomen to enjoy the great outdoors.


08.11.16 - Uecker To Serve On Committee Examining Drug Use Prevention Programs In Ohio Schools


“This is another step in our continued efforts to combat Ohio’s opiate addiction epidemic,” said Uecker. “By strengthening our prevention efforts in Ohio’s classrooms, we can help to ensure that our children are equipped to make responsible choices rather than addressing the problem through the criminal justice system and addiction services.”


07.28.16 - Encouraging Families To Take Advantage Of Savings As Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday Returns: August 5-7th


Many holidays can strain your family budget, but there’s one more holiday on the horizon this summer that might save you some money for a change. Ohio’s Sales Tax Holiday, which will take place August 5 through August 7, is returning for a second year to help families save more money while allowing them to invest in their highest priority—their children. 


07.21.16 - Local Leaders Express Infrastructure Concerns With U.S. Transportation Secretary


"Regional economic growth relies on our ability to connect products with markets and the workforce with the workplace," said Uecker. 


06.30.16 - Uecker Joins Aspiring Welders And State Officials To Honor Ohio's Veterans


"I was determined to help the Stacey brothers find a home for this masterful blend of artwork and craftsmanship which honors the branches of our Armed Forces," said Uecker. "This display is a fitting tribute which embodies this community's gratitude for the brave men and women who have served our nation."


06.27.16 - Confronting The Opiate Epidemic


Opiate abuse is a battle that we must face on all fronts. As deaths from accidental overdose continue to increase, we must continue to strengthen our efforts until we are able to reclaim the State of Ohio from opiate addiction – for those who suffer from addiction, for their loved ones and for our communities.


05.26.16 - Honoring The Fallen


Whether you take the time to place a bouquet on the grave of a loved one or march in a parade, this weekend is an opportunity for all of us to express gratitude for the sacrifice that preserves our freedom.


05.25.16 - Uecker Announces Passage Of Bill Protecting Sanctity Of Life For Babies Killed At The Hands Of Abortionists


“The abortion industry’s practice of sending these dead babies to landfills further demonstrates these entities' utter disregard for the sanctity of human life, even in death,” said Uecker. “This law takes steps to help protect the dignity of babies whose lives ended too soon at the hands of abortionists.”


04.29.16 - Ohio Senate Passes Legislation That Would Help Protect Our Military Men And Women While At Home


"This bill recognizes the extensive firearm instruction that service men and women undergo during military training," said Uecker. "We must ensure that our military members have the necessary resources to protect themselves without subjecting them to burdensome and redundant credentialing."


04.27.16 - Statement On The Passing Of Former Ohio Wildlife Chief Scott Zody


State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) this evening issued the following statement on the passing of Ohio's former Chief of Wildlife Scott Zody:


04.13.16 - Uecker Announces State's Capital Bill To Make $2.6 Billion Investment In Ohio's Local Communities


“In collaboration with our local partners, we were able to identify projects that will have a significant impact on our communities," said Uecker. "We placed a strong emphasis on services and infrastructure which support Ohioans who are most in need."


04.04.16 - Uecker Appointed As Chairman Of Senate Committee On State And Local Government


"I look forward to working with my colleagues as we continue efforts to make government more efficient while enhancing services for Ohioans," said Uecker. "I am deeply honored to have been chosen to lead this distinguished committee." 


04.04.16 - Uecker, Duffey Jointly Announce Proposal With Ohio Chamber Of Commerce To Improve Fairness Of State Agency Rulemaking


“Whether you are a small business in Ohio or simply a citizen dealing with regulation, I think everyone can agree we should have standards for notifying the public, making sure rules are consistent with state law and that there is an oversight process that is public,” said Uecker. “This bill is a step toward making the rule process fair for everyone, and especially small businesses."


03.31.16 - Meals On Wheels: Providing Comfort And Nutrition Assistance For Ohio's Seniors


Meals on Wheels allows seniors to live independently and provides reassurance for family members concerned for elderly loved ones. Since its inception 45 years ago, Meals on Wheels has been supported by more than 2 million volunteers nationwide.


03.07.16 - Uecker Joins Call On All Presidential Candidates To Support Restoring Balance Of Power


"Excessive demands and regulations implemented by the federal government have moved far beyond our Founding Fathers' intent, which was to protect the states' ability to govern and serve their citizens," said Uecker. "I'm proud to stand with my fellow state lawmakers in calling on all of our presidential candidates to publicly recognize their commitment to supporting a balance of power."


02.09.16 - Uecker Announces Legislative Fellowship Program


"Legislative fellows play an integral role in Ohio's legislative process," said Uecker. "With many fellows moving on to successful public service careers, this program is the perfect opportunity for recent college graduates interested in expanding their knowledge of state government."


01.14.16 - Uecker Joins Portsmouth Community To Celebrate America's Best Communities Competition


"Communities like Portsmouth represent the best America has to offer," said Uecker. "Smaller, rural communities often face great adversity yet work together as a community to ensure success and revitalization."


01.12.16 - Uecker Announces Support For Local Addiction Recovery Services Center


"These services will help those seeking treatment in our community, getting them the support they so desperately need," said Uecker. "This treatment facility is another positive step in addressing the bigger drug problem facing our community."


12.14.15 - Uecker Introduces Bill Ensuring Sanctity Of Life For Babies Killed At The Hands Of Abortionists


“Planned Parenthood continues to demonstrate utter disregard for the sanctity of human life, even in death,” said Uecker. “My proposed legislation seeks to ensure the dignity of babies whose lives ended too soon at the hands of abortionists.”


12.11.15 - By Sending Aborted Babies To Landfills Planned Parenthood Continues To Disrespect The Sanctity Of Life


"I am deeply disturbed to learn of the Attorney General's findings released today revealing Planned Parenthood's continued utter disrespect for human dignity," said Uecker. "I am once again appalled at how little value this organization gives life, even in death. It speaks to a complete absence of moral character. I plan to introduce legislation in the coming days, which I have been working on for the last several weeks, to ensure the dignity of these babies whose lives ended too soon at the hands of Planned Parenthood abortionists." 


12.09.15 - Ohio Senate Passes Resolution Urging Congress To Assist Military Families Affected By Toxic Chemical Exposure


“We owe it to the brave men and women who have defended our country with honor and sacrifice during military conflicts by providing them with the resources necessary to live healthy lives,” said Uecker.


11.23.15 - Giving Thanks This Holiday Season


I ask everyone to take this opportunity to reflect on the many blessings we have to be thankful for this year and I encourage you to take it one step further by giving thanks to the people who helped you get where you are today.


11.11.15 - Honoring Service And Sacrifice This Veterans Day


Let us also extend gratitude and honor to all of those men and women who have lost their lives defending our country. Our soldiers risk their lives in times of both peace and war and we should honor their sense of duty every day, especially Veterans Day.


10.23.15 - Tips To Ensure A Safe And Memorable Trick-Or-Treat Night


Trick-or-treat is a fun time for kids to get outdoors, enjoy some tasty treats and wear spooky costumes alongside their friends and family. As families take to the streets for an evening of tricking and treating, it is important to take extra precautions to ensure a safe, exciting and memorable occasion. 


10.01.15 - Uecker Urges Congress To Pass The Toxic Exposure Research Act


“Many service men and women defended our county with honor and sacrificed much during the Vietnam conflict. We must honor their family members who still suffer today by providing them the resources necessary to live healthy lives,” Senator Uecker said.


09.25.15 - National Hunting And Fishing Day


This Saturday is a wonderful opportunity to honor the important role that Ohio sportsmen play in enhancing conservation efforts and growing the economy. The Ohio Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus thanks the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife for their tireless efforts promoting the many outdoor recreational pursuits in our great state.


09.21.15 - Uecker Introduces Common Sense Elections Bill To Save Taxpayer Money


“This change in state law would reward local governments that simplify their elections with electronic poll books," said Uecker. "Electronic poll books are reducing wait times and minimizing confusion at polling locations where they have been adopted."


09.15.15 - Uecker Resolution Urges Congress To Vote Against Iranian Nuclear Deal


“We must send a clear message to leaders in Washington that we refuse to jeopardize the safety of our constituents by appeasing those who want to bring harm to this great nation,” said Uecker.  


08.26.15 - State Commission Seeks To Address Ohio's Infant Mortality Crisis


"The Commission is a great way for children's advocates to form a united voice that ensures that preventative resources are available to protect Ohio's most precious citizens," said Uecker. 


07.31.15 - Ohio Families Encouraged To Take Advantage Of Savings During Sales Tax Holiday August 7-9


Ohio's first-ever Sales Tax Holiday will take place August 7 through August 9 to help families save on clothes and supplies during the back-to-school season. 


07.20.15 - Uecker Introduces Legislation To Expand Self-Defense Capabilities For Active Military Members


"Service men and women fight each day to protect our freedoms. These are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moms and dads. This bill recognizes their sacrifices and training."


07.17.15 - Legislation To Deliver Justice For Victims Of Sexual Violence Signed Into Law


"This legislation helps to deliver justice for the victims of this heinous crime," said Uecker. "Prosecutors are better equipped to put attackers behind bars."


06.25.15 - Uecker Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation To Eliminate Costly, Unfair Residency Restrictions


"Our bill is simple: it's about lowering costs for Ohio's cities; and eliminating baseless stipulations some cities have placed on small businesses that would otherwise be willing to perform higher quality work at a lower cost," said Uecker.


06.24.15 - Uecker Joins Regional And State Leaders To Break Ground On Major Portsmouth Bypass Project


"With the completion of this project will come new economic opportunities for the entire region," said Senator Uecker. "This new bypass allows existing companies easier access to new markets for their goods and services."


06.18.15 - Uecker Praises Senate Proposal That Invests In Education, Defends Rights, And Cuts Taxes By $1.75 Billion


“I’m proud of the legislature’s continued commitment to workforce investment and tax relief for southwest Ohio,” Uecker said. 


06.08.15 - Uecker Announces Rollout Of Senate Budget Bill With $1.7 Billion Net Tax Cut


“I am proud of the work we have done to increase funding for education, create jobs and provide resources to combat drug addiction. These initiatives will create better opportunities for the citizens of southwest Ohio,” Uecker added. 


06.01.15 - Uecker Presents Long-Anticipated License Plates To Clermont County Family


"The law simply failed to keep up with advancing technology and we knew something needed to be done," said Uecker. “It was my honor to help the Hogans in their efforts to raise awareness and support for the kids and families battling this terrible disease."


05.22.15 - Remembering The Sacrifices Of Our Soldiers


We are blessed to live in a country where we are free to pursue our dreams, worship without fear of persecution and choose our leaders in fair and democratic elections. Today we honor those who have served to defend these liberties. 


04.28.15 - Uecker Introduces Bill To Lower Costs And Eliminate Unfair Residency Requirements In Ohio Cities


"Our bill is simple: it's about lowering costs for Ohio's cities; and eliminating baseless stipulations some cities have placed on small businesses that would otherwise be willing to perform higher quality work at a lower cost," said Uecker.


04.24.15 - Uecker And Maag To Announce Contractor Residency Bill To Safeguard Taxpayer Funds


Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) and Representative Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) will hold a press conference on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 to announce legislation that seeks to protect taxpayer dollars by prohibiting burdensome residency requirements placed on contractors by some local governments. The proposed legislation seeks to prohibit requirements which increase the costs of state-funded projects and decrease the number of qualified contractors that can bid on them.


04.21.15 - Uecker And Peterson Announce Funds For Ohio University Facility Improvements


"Ohio University Southern Campus serves as the economic development hub for much of southern Ohio," said Uecker. "Preparing a top-notch workforce for our region means investing in the facilities at OU Southern."


04.14.15 - Ohio Internship And Co-op Appreciation Day


Last year, I joined my colleague, Senator Bill Beagle, in supporting Senate Bill 227 designating the second Tuesday of April as “Ohio Internship and Co-op Appreciation Day". The day is intended to raise awareness of the value of internships and co-op opportunities in Ohio as well as encourage businesses throughout the state to offer additional program opportunities. These programs give employers unique access to untapped talent without long-term commitments.


03.19.15 - Uecker Serves Hot Meals To Brown County Senior Citizens


“It is important that we continue to support and advocate for programs such as the March for Meals campaign,” said Uecker. “Meals on Wheels helps ensure wellness and security for elderly members of our community.”


02.10.15 - Uecker Introduces Legislation To Improve Mechanical Repair Facility Standards


COLUMBUSState Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) today introduced legislation requiring mechanical repair facilities to register with the Motor Vehicle Repair Board.


02.03.15 - Uecker Sponsors Senate Priority Legislation To Curb Recidivism In Ohio


State Senator Joe Uecker today introduced legislation to decrease recidivism rates while giving assistance to those struggling with substance abuse.


01.23.15 - Uecker Selected For Three Senate Leadership Roles


Ohio Senate President Keith Faber selected State Senator Joe Uecker for three leadership roles in the Ohio Senate today.


12.23.14 - Governor Signs Uecker Initiatives To Strengthen Second Amendment Rights


Governor John R. Kasich last week signed into law Senate Bill 234, which included a number of provisions sponsored by State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township).


12.09.14 - Uecker Stands For Second Amendment Rights In Senate Vote


State Senator Joe Uecker today announced Senate passage of House Bill 234. The bill advances several initiatives to modernize Ohio’s concealed carry laws by strengthening background checks and other accountability measures while also improving access to permits for law abiding Ohioans.


10.20.14 - Uecker Announces State Funds To Replace East Fork State Park's Beach House Facility


State Senator Joe Uecker today announced the Ohio Controlling Board’s approval of $934,750 for construction of improvements to the East Fork State Park Beach House facility.


09.26.14 - Ohio Sportsmen's Caucus Celebrates National Hunting And Fishing Day


Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) reminds Ohioans that September 27th marks the 42nd observation of National Hunting and Fishing Day.


05.12.14 - Uecker Seeks To Streamline Ohio's Concealed Weapons Laws


State Senator Joe Uecker today introduced legislation to improve and streamline Ohio’s concealed weapons laws.


04.09.14 - Uecker Introduces Legislation To Increase Access To Quality Dental Care In Ohio


Senator Joe Uecker, joined by Representative Terry Johnson, today announced the introduction of legislation designed to increase Ohioans’ access to quality dental care.


04.01.14 - Uecker Announces Passage Of Capital Budget


Senator Joe Uecker today announced the 2014 Ohio Capital Budget has cleared both chambers of the General Assembly and will now be delivered to Governor John Kasich for his signature.


03.18.14 - Uecker Announces Introduction Of Capital Budget


Senator Joe Uecker today announced the introduction of Ohio’s 2014 Capital Budget, which provides local investment dollars to support individual communities’ construction priorities. The bill funds needed improvements to public facilities across the state including schools, colleges and universities, and parks.


02.27.14 - Senate Clears Uecker Energy Efficiency Resolution


State Senator Joe Uecker announced the Ohio Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 25, which seeks to improve Ohio’s energy efficiency standards.


01.31.14 - Uecker Initiative Aims For Better Energy Efficiency Standards


State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) today testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Senate Concurrent Resolution 25, which seeks to improve Ohio’s energy efficiency standards.


01.29.14 - Uecker Bill Seeks To Improve Standards For Vehicle Repair Facilities


COLUMBUS– State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) testified before the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Senate Bill 232 today, which would require mechanical repair facilities to register with the Motor Vehicle Repair Board.


01.28.14 - Uecker Initiative Aims For Better Energy Efficiency Standards In Ohio


COLUMBUS– State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) today testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Senate Concurrent Resolution 25, which seeks to improve Ohio’s energy efficiency standards.


01.23.14 - Uecker Praises Ohio's Fiscal Condition Rating


COLUMBUS– Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) commended a new report from George Mason University which ranks the State of Ohio seventh out of 50 states for its overall fiscal condition.


01.15.14 - Uecker Named 2013 Legislator Of The Year


COLUMBUS–Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) recently was named the 2013 Legislator of the Year by Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow.Uecker was chosen for the honor based on his leadership on broadband issues in the state legislature.


01.14.14 - Uecker Announces More Than $1.8 Billion Local Government Infrastructure Investment


COLUMBUS–Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) announced the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 6 from the Ohio Senate today. This legislation seeks to renew the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP). The partnership between SCIP and the Ohio Public Works Commission finances public capital improvements to preserve and improve public infrastructure in communities across Ohio.


01.08.14 - Senator Uecker Announces Statewide Youth Drug Prevention Initiative


COLUMBUS–Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) along with Ohio Governor John Kasich and First Lady Karen Kasich announced today the formation of a statewide youth drug prevention effort.


01.06.14 - Senator Uecker Urges Ohioans To Take Precaution Against Cold Weather


COLUMBUS– State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) today urges all residents of Southern Ohio to take additional precautions during the pending bitter cold temperatures descending on the Midwest over the next 48 hours.


12.23.13 - Ohio Became Stronger And More Prosperous In 2013


As 2013 comes to a close, Ohio’s taxes are lower, our schools have stronger funding, and the number of employed Ohioans is rising.  While there is still more work ahead, we have many reasons to be thankful this holiday season and I believe that our state’s best days are ahead of us.


12.19.13 - Governor Signs Uecker Bill To Make Elections Fairer, Simpler


COLUMBUS– Governor John R. Kasich today signed into law Senate Bill 200, sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township), which modifies Ohio’s election law to create more accurate voter registration rolls.
Senate Bill 200 requires state agencies such as the Ohio Department of Health and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to begin sharing data with the Secretary of State so the voter registrations can be cross-checked for accuracy.
This legislation also alters the standard that determines how many electronic voting machines a county is required to have. The new standard accounts for the increase in early voting over the years and eases the financial burden placed on counties in purchasing the machines. Counties are not required to get rid of machines, and counties are able to purchase additional machines, if necessary.


12.12.13 - Bill Would Add Options For Correcting State Voter Rolls


An effort to further clean up Ohio’s voter database and ensure county election boards are not forced to purchase unneeded voting machines passed 58-32 as the House finished its final session for the year.


12.11.13 - Bill Targets Voting Discrepancies


COLUMBUS — Ohio would cross-reference voter addresses with other state databases to try to clean up discrepancies under a voting bill that’s likely to pass the General Assembly on Wednesday.


11.22.13 - Uecker Recognizes Batavia High School For Safe Driving Campaign


COLUMBUS–Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) presented a proclamation on behalf of the Ohio Senate to Batavia High School this afternoon for receiving a $25,000 grant from the State Farm “Celebrate My Drive” campaign.


11.20.13 - Uecker Seeks To Improve Ohio's Mechanical Repair Facility Standards


COLUMBUS–Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) recently introduced legislation which would require mechanical repair facilities to register with the Motor Vehicle Repair Board.


11.09.13 - Big Lots Named BAC Employer Of The Year


Big Lots Store #428 on Beechmont Avenue was honored as the 2013 Business Advisory Council Employer of the Year on Friday, Oct. 11. The award was presented at the Clermont Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon and was given moments before Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor presented the keynote address on important issues taking place in Ohio.


10.30.13 - Senate Passes Initiative To Make Elections Fairer, Simpler


COLUMBUS– The Ohio Senate today passed Senate Bill 200, sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township), which modifies Ohio’s election law to create more accurate voter registration rolls.


10.07.13 - Senators Uecker And Beagle Shoot Clays At Bipartisan Sportsman Caucus


Senators Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) and Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) shoot clays at the Senate Bipartisan Sportsman Caucus last week.


08.15.13 - Ohio VFW Names Senator Joe Uecker 'Legislator Of The Year'


Senator Joseph Uecker (R–Miami Township) was recently presented the Legislator of the Year award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Ohio.


07.12.13 - Senator Uecker Announces Sportsmen's Caucus Leadership Team


Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) recently announced the formation of the leadership team for the General Assembly’s Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus:
Senate Co-Chair Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township)
Senate Co-Chair: Senator Lou Gentile (D-Steubenville)
House Co-Chair: Representative Dorothy Pelanda (R- Marysville)
House Co-Chair Representative Nick Barborak (D-Lisbon)



06.27.13 - Uecker Announces Historic Tax Cuts, Largest Investment In Public Education In A Decade


COLUMBUS– Senator Uecker (R–Loveland) today announced the passage of House Bill 59, the state’s two-year operating budget. This budget entails the largest single tax cut in the history of the state of Ohio giving tax relief to 98.5% of all Ohioans. 


06.26.13 - PHOTO: Uecker Honors Small College World Series Winners, University Of Cincinnati - Clermont College Baseball Team


COLUMBUS-Senator Joe Uecker (R-Loveland) today honored the University of Cincinnati - Clermont College baseball team on their accomplishment of winning the 2013 United States Collegiate Athletic Association Small College WOrld Series Championship. The team had a rigorous schedule, yet achieved a 24-7-1 record this season before winning their prestigious small college world series title.


06.21.13 - Ohio #1 Job Creator In The Nation


State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Loveland) released the following statement today, praising Ohio’s position as the number-one job creator in the nation for the month of May: 

“Two years ago we took an $8 billion budget deficit and created a surplus of $1.5 billion. During the month of May the state of Ohio created 32,000 jobs, progressing more than any other state in the U.S.  These remarkable accomplishments are certainly a result of the pro-growth strategies that myself and fellow members of the state legislature have been working on over the past two years.”


06.06.13 - Senate Passes Small Business Cut, Investment In Education


The Ohio Senate today approved House Bill 59, the state’s biennium budget proposal, which includes at its cornerstone a $1.4 billion tax cut for Ohio’s small businesses and a $717 million increase in state education funding, the largest legislative investment in education in more than 10 years. Announced by State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township), the nearly $62 billion bill acts as the state operating budget for the two-year period beginning on July 1, 2013.


05.28.13 - Senator Uecker Introduces Indigent Defense Reform Legislation


State Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) announced today the introduction of Senate Bill 139 which seeks to reform Ohio’s indigent defense system. Under the current system, each of Ohio's 88 counties operates its own indigent defense system, which has created vast discrepancies in the quality, efficiency and cost of representation.


04.17.13 - Uecker Announces $25 Million For New Job Training And Workforce Development Program


State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Loveland) today announced that the Senate has passed Senate Bill 1, a new OhioMeansJobs initiative that aims at helping Ohio’s unemployed and underemployed find work through continued education and job training.


03.01.13 - Uecker Named To Clermont County Transportation Improvement District


Ohio Senate President Keith Faber (R–Celina) this week named State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) as a non-voting member of the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District.


02.05.13 - Sen. Uecker Addresses 2013 Ohio Hispanic Legislative Day


State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) today addressed members of the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission and the Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce during the opening session of the 2013 Ohio Hispanic Legislative Day. During the session, entitled “Many Topics, One Voice,” Senator Uecker welcomed the members to the Ohio Statehouse and reminded the attendees of the important role that immigration and diversity play in making Ohio strong.


01.09.13 - Uecker Named Vice Chairman Of State Government Oversight & Reform

Statehouse - 

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber today named State Senator Joe Uecker to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on State Government Oversight and Reform. As a member of the House of Representatives, Uecker served as the Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Commerce and Labor during the previous legislative session.


01.07.13 - Uecker Is Sworn-in As State Senator For The 14th District

Statehouse - 

As part of the Opening Ceremonies of the 130th General Assembly, State Senator Joseph Uecker (R–Miami Township) was today officially sworn in as the Senator for the 14th District. Prior to his election to the Senate, Uecker served 4 terms in the Ohio House of Representatives.