Today, Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) released the following statement in response to Governor John Kasich’s gun safety proposals:

“We appreciate the efforts by the Governor and his working group. There is growing consensus in Ohio and our nation that we need to act now to save lives and make our communities safer. Today, the Governor mentioned three proposals from our Senators, and we are hopeful these bills will soon receive hearings.

“People thought we wouldn’t be able to work together to pass congressional redistricting reform, but we did. I have been talking to President Obhof, and I am hopeful that we can take the same bipartisan approach to these critical issues at a time when Americans are pleading with lawmakers to take action. Senator Cecil Thomas, a former Cincinnati police officer who has seen first-hand the devastation of gun violence, will be leading our caucus’ efforts to reach out to Republicans and find solutions.”

Last week, Senators Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman) and Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland) announced they will soon introduce “red flag" legislation to remove firearms from people who are an imminent danger to themselves or others. In October, Senator Thomas (D-Cincinnati) introduced Senate Bill 219 to ban bump stocks. Last year, Senator Edna Brown (D-Toledo) introduced Senate Bill 150 to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic violence offenders.

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