S. B. No. 10
General Assembly: 133
Short Title: Expand penalty for theft in office/restitution for audit costs
Long Title: To amend sections 319.16, 2307.382, 2921.41, 2953.32, 2953.321, 2953.36, 2953.51, 2953.54, and 5747.12 and to enact section 117.116 of the Revised Code and to amend Section 22 of H.B. 197 of the 133rd General Assembly to expand the penalties for theft in office based on the amount stolen, to include as restitution audit costs of the entity that suffered the loss, to modify various aspects of the laws regarding criminal and delinquency record sealing and expungement, to expand the list of debts toward satisfaction of which the Tax Commissioner may apply a tax refund due to a taxpayer, to expand the basis of a court's exercise of personal jurisdiction, to specify a separate standard for the issuing of warrants upon presentation of a court order, and to declare an emergency.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Wilson
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Steve Wilson
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