S. B. No. 157
General Assembly: 134
Short Title: Regards child born alive after attempted abortion
Long Title: To amend sections 2919.13, 3701.79, 3701.99, 3702.3010, and 4731.22; to amend, for the purpose of adopting a new section number as indicated in parentheses, section 3702.305 (3702.3011); and to enact new section 3702.305 and sections 3701.792 and 4731.911 of the Revised Code to require reports to be made after a child is born alive following an abortion or attempted abortion, to establish certain civil or criminal penalties for failing to preserve the health or life of such a child, and to make changes regarding variances from written transfer agreements.
Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Johnson, Senator Huffman, S.
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