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Schuring, Manning, Antani Introduce Comprehensive Gaming Bill

Senate Bill 176 Represents a Broad-Based, Free Market Economic Development Opportunity
May 6, 2021
Kirk Schuring News
COLUMBUS— Today, Senator Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) and joint sponsors, Senator Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) and Senator Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville) introduced the first comprehensive gaming bill for Ohio.

“Gaming is already here but not legally,” said Senator Schuring. “My priority is to make sure this bill focuses on broad based economic development, that provides no special privileges for any gaming business or organization. This is free market driven, and comes with oversight from existing Ohio agencies with gaming experience to make sure Ohioans are not being taken advantage of by illegal gaming.”

Senate Bill 176 covers three distinct gaming levels, monitored by three existing oversight agencies.

On-Line Sports Wagers and Brick and Mortar Wagering

The state will offer 20 licenses for mobile app on-line gaming and 20 licenses for brick and mortar sports gaming.
  • Licenses cost $1 million and are good for 3 years
  • First come first serve
  • Casino Control Commission has oversight authority
Lottery The bill allows for a sports wager system through Ohio Lottery retailers
  • $20 wagers
  • Winnings are divided from losing wagers, much like the lottery
  • Ohio Lottery has oversight authority
Charitable Gaming, Electronic Bingo
  • Allows E-Bingo to become available to charitable organizations
  • Ohio Attorney General’s office maintains oversight authority
  • E-Bingo machines will be authorized by Casino Control to make sure they are not slot machines.
Tax Structure
  • Ohio will receive 10% from Net Revenue of these operations
  • Revenue is directed toward public and private education
  • 2% is directed toward gambling addiction and problem gaming
Joint sponsor Senator Niraj Antani said, “This bill will legalize sports betting and charitable E-Bingo in Ohio through a free market approach, while safely expanding gaming in our state. Ohioans want this, and they’ve made it clear to me, they want it now. We must move swiftly to enact this bill. I am honored to be a joint sponsor of the bill.” “Sports gambling is already here, Ohio just isn’t benefiting from it,” said joint sponsor Senator Manning. “This bill is fair, no one gets a special benefit and the state has expert level diverse oversight. It’s a win for taxpayers and the economy.” SB 176 is the result of 8 hearings with an array of testimony from 50 individuals.

Committee hearings for the bill will begin next week. The public is encouraged to read the bill, and submit in person or written testimony.

To watch today's press conference click here.