Senate District 18
Jerry C. Cirino
Cirino Signs on to Bill Ensuring Checks and Balances within State Government
January 27, 2021
COLUMBUS—State Senator Jerry C. Cirino (R-Kirtland) this week announced his support for Senate Bill 22, which provides legislative oversight of the Governor’s executive orders and certain public health orders.
This bill, co-sponsored by Cirino, would establish the Ohio Health Oversight and Advisory Committee, a bi-partisan, joint legislative committee that would advise and oversee actions taken by the Governor and the Ohio Department of Health during a public health state emergency. The Committee would also have the authority to rescind an executive order issued by the Governor, or certain orders and rules issued by the Department of Health for preventing the spread of a contagious disease.
The bill further prohibits the Governor or the Department of Health from reissuing any rescinded executive order, special or standing order, or rule for 90 days. Public health state of emergencies issued by the Governor would be effective for only 30 days unless the General Assembly adopted an extension through concurrent resolution.
“Senate Bill 22 will reinstate the Ohio Legislature’s constitutional role in policy as it relates to issuing health orders and addressing the impact said orders have on Ohioans and businesses," said Senator Cirino. "It is our job to address the public health ramifications from the COVID-19 pandemic, but we also want to ensure that Ohioans and businesses are able to maintain their livelihoods and emerge stronger than ever once this pandemic subsides. I’d like to thank Senators Johnson and McColley for introducing this bill.”
To learn more about Senate Bill 22, click here
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