Senate District 18
Jerry C. Cirino
Looking Forward to Serving the People of the 18th Senate District
A Guest Column by State Senator Jerry C. Cirino
January 28, 2021

It is a great honor and privilege to represent our communities and the 18th Senate District in the Ohio Statehouse. Indeed, I am humbled by the confidence the people have placed in me to be their voice in the Ohio Senate.

Although I am your new state senator, I am no stranger to public service. As you may know, I have spent the last four years as a Lake County Commissioner, serving as President for two years, working to create a jobs-friendly environment and a local government that was responsive to the unique challenges and needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I am also passionate about workforce and economic development. Having previously owned and operated businesses for many years, I understand all too well the crippling effect government regulations can have on our businesses and the unnecessary barriers they create for job growth. I look forward to bringing a business-focused perspective to the legislature, and applying my experience to develop policies that will attract new businesses to Ohio, help our small businesses and restaurants recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19 and to restore the legislature's constitutional authority to participate in policies related to state health issues. I look forward to the work ahead, making Ohio the most business-friendly state in the nation.

As your state senator, I hold your input in high regard and hope to hear from you in the future as my colleagues and I consider legislation. I also want to be a resource for you and the people of northeastern Ohio. If you would like to stay in regular communication with me, I encourage you to email to sign up for my e-newsletter. Should you ever need assistance as it pertains to state government, please don't hesitate to contact me or my staff at (614) 644-7718.

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