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Hearcel F. Craig
Craig's Bill Designating Poindexter Village a State Historic Site Clears Legislature
June 28, 2021
Today, state Senator Hearcel F. Craig (D-Columbus) announced that the Ohio General Assembly passed his legislation to designate Poindexter Village in Columbus as a state historic site, after adding it to House Bill 110, the operating budget.

“Poindexter Village is more than bricks and mortar,” said Craig. “It’s a symbol of hope that represents a critical part of Columbus’ vibrant history. By designating it as a state historic site, we are preserving the extraordinary leadership and dedication of James Preston Poindexter, the influence of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal in our community and – most importantly – we are protecting the memories and the remarkable contributions of all those who called Poindexter Village home.”

Poindexter Village, named after Columbus’ first African-American councilmember James Preston Poindexter, was the second community housing development in the U.S. It was also part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, which included 700 community housing developments across the country. The buildings are located at 290 North Champion Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.
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