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Terry Johnson
Johnson Celebrates Ohio's Largest Economic Development Project in History
January 24, 2022

COLUMBUS— Earlier last week, Intel Corporation, a leading semiconductor company, announced plans to establish the future home for their most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facility in Licking County. State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) applauded the announcement and is encouraged by Intel's decision to invest in American manufacturing.

“I have long warned of the folly of America’s increasing reliance on manufacturing owned and operated by foreign nations, particularly communist China. The recent disruptions in our supply chain have been unacceptable and must be corrected," Johnson said. "This is a good step toward moving America back to the strong, self-reliant nation it once was and restoring our jobs. I am proud that Ohio is a leader in this effort."

In 1990, 40% of the world’s chips were manufactured in the United States but today is down to just 12%. Boosting chip production in the U.S. is critical to national security and industrial competitiveness. Intel’s technology, built in America, is essential to key Ohio sectors, including automotive, advanced mobility, aerospace and aviation, consumer goods, data centers, defense, healthcare and technology. Demand for these chips is increasing with global computer chip manufacturing capacity expected to grow by 56% over the current install base by 2030.

The project is expected to lead to over 20,000 jobs, including 3,000 direct positions at Intel with an average salary of $135,000, 7,000 construction jobs and thousands of indirect positions. More than 140 existing Ohio businesses across the state are already Intel suppliers, and the project is expected to bring additional new businesses to Ohio to support the supply chain. The success of these companies will create new jobs, fuel growth in other key Ohio industry sectors and position Ohio at the center of America’s industrial innovation. The project is expected to add $2.8 billion to Ohio’s annual gross state product.

To learn more about the project watch this video highlighting the announcement last week in Licking County.
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