Senate District 14
Terry Johnson
Johnson Supports Bill to Promote College Savings, Workforce Training
March 19, 2021
COLUMBUS—State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott), this week joined Senator Jerry C. Cirino (R-Kirtland) for a press conference introducing Senate Bill 135. Cirino, who is sponsoring the legislation, said the bill aims to improve access to a quality higher education in Ohio, reduce the financial burden on students, and meet the state’s needs for in-demand jobs.

"I am proud to support this important legislation, which will prove extremely important for Ohio's students, as well as helping to fill our state's in-demand jobs," stated Johnson, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Workforce and Higher Education Committee.

Provisions of the bill address a number of issues that have been identified for students seeking to complete their higher education and fill Ohio's workforce needs by:

1) Aiding students who incur debt without finishing their four year degree in finding a new, affordable path forward.
2) Providing Ohioans with more, lower cost higher education options.
3) Enhancing transparency and accountability of higher education institutions.
4) Affirming educational freedom of speech and expression in the classroom.

Additionally, the bill includes the Second Chance Voucher Program, which Senator Cirino said, “will allow students whose educational careers have been disrupted to possess the financial means to continue and complete their education."

For more information on Senate Bill 135, click here.
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