Senate District 13
Nathan H. Manning
Manning Highlights Key Provisions of Senate Passed Biennial Budget Bill
June 9, 2021

COLUMBUS—Today, Senator Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville) joined his colleagues in passing Substitute House Bill 110, the Senate's budget proposal for Ohio's FY 2022-2023 biennium.

"I appreciate all of the diligent work that went into producing a balanced, fiscally responsible budget for the people of Ohio," said Manning. "I am especially proud of the many benefits it has for funding schools and supporting students, including a pathway forward for Lorain City Schools."

Major provisions in the Senate's plan include a five percent income tax cut for working Ohioans, a financially sustainable school funding plan that starts with the professional at the front of the classroom, investments in local governments, and boosting health and human services.

Additionally, Senator Manning highlighted a number of key provisions that will have a major impact in the the local community and across the state of Ohio, including: 

  • Providing Lorain City Schools, as well as Youngstown City Schools and East Cleveland City Schools, a pathway out of the Academic Distress Commission

  • Allocating $75,000 per fiscal year for the Neighborhood Alliance's Senior Nutrition Program

  • Securing funding for the Lorain and Huron County fire departments

  • Spending $300,000 each fiscal year for Shoes & Clothes for Kids, an organization that provides new items including shoes and school supplies to students and teachers

  • Increasing funding for Ohio's rape crisis centers by $2.7 million in FY 2022, including the Nord Center in Lorain

The bill now returns to the Ohio House of Representatives, where it is expected to be referred to a conference committee where the House and Senate versions will be reconciled.
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