Senate District 26
Bill Reineke
Reineke, McColley, Riedel, Stein Issue Statement on Sub. Senate Bill 52
June 29, 2021

COLUMBUS— Following the passage of Substitute Senate Bill 52 by both the Ohio Senate and House, State Senators Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin) and Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) and State Representatives Craig Riedel (R-Defiance) and Dick Stein (R-Norwalk) issued the following joint statement:

We, as the sponsors, are happy to report that Sub. Senate Bill 52 passed out of the both the House (52-43) and Senate (21-12) and is now on its way to Governor DeWine for his signature. This whole process started as a crusade for our constituents, their quality of life, and their property rights.

At this time, this issue is so consequential, particularly to northwest Ohio. As state legislators in northwest Ohio, we represent the counties with the most wind development in the state and understand that this bill is extremely important to those who live it every day. 

Sub. SB 52 is about ensuring that Ohioans have the freedom to pursue and protect their quality of life by having the ability to decide for themselves whether industrial sized wind or solar projects are a good fit for them. We have watched our constituents come together in order to preserve their communities, to protect the people they live, work, and play with.

From the bill’s initial structure to its final form, SB 52 will be one of the best planning tools that we have implemented in the state. Instead of stifling wind and solar development in Ohio, SB 52 will promote partnership and collaboration between project developers and the local community, ensuring that these projects are sited in areas that will support and cherish them.  

Constituent activists traveled to the Statehouse by the bus-load to help explain their cause. Our colleagues in both the House and Senate had multiple opportunities to hear firsthand the pain and frustration that caused by this issue. Nobody appreciates being told how to live their life, but it is especially aggravating being told that the very process which ignores your input is “exceedingly rigorous and robust”. 

We would like to thank our constituents, interested parties, and stakeholders for their support, input, and participation throughout this process. Your support, dedication, and perseverance to improve the state have made this piece of legislation possible.

Rob McColley
State Senator
1st Senate District

Bill Reineke
State Senator
26th Senate District

Craig Riedel
State Representative
82nd House District

Dick Stein
State Representative
57th House District

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