Each legislative session, the Ohio Senate majority and minority caucuses select a slate of leaders to maintain order on the floor, set the agenda and direct policy for its 33 members.

The Majority

The political party that has the most Senate members is the majority caucus. Party composition is particularly important at the beginning of a new session as the Senate President is selected from the party in the majority. The Senate President is supported in his duties by a slate of leaders from and selected by members of his or her caucus.

Senate President Larry Obhof The President of the Senate is the presiding officer of the Ohio Senate, elected by all members of the Senate to conduct session, which includes recognizing members in debate, preserving order and decorum, calling for votes and signing all acts.

President Pro Tempore Bob Peterson The president pro tempore is elected by all members of the Senate. The role
Pete Fact : Pro Tempore is a Latin phrase which means "for a time" or "for the time being." The President Pro Tempore may serve as President for a time.
of this leadership position is to serve as the temporary president in the absence of the Senate President.

Majority Floor Leader Randy Gardner The majority floor leader is elected by all members of the Senate and is responsible for the development and implementation of the agenda for the majority party.

Majority Whip Gayle Manning The majority whip is elected by all members of the Senate and is responsible for monitoring legislation and securing votes for legislation on the floor for the majority party.