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Jay Hottinger
Ohio Libraries Honor Hottinger with Prestigious Award
April 6, 2022
Senator Hottinger receives the Andrew Carnegie Award from the Ohio Library Council, Executive Director Michelle Francis
COLUMBUS—The Ohio Library Council (OLC) presented the prestigious Andrew Carnegie Award today to State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark). Hottinger was honored for his unwavering support of Ohio’s public libraries.
The OLC Executive Director, Michelle Francis, called the senator a champion for public libraries who recognizes the essential role they play in communities across the state.
"He was instrumental in ensuring public library funding in the last state budget and worked to secure funds so that libraries could continue to provide services and operate safely during the pandemic," said Francis. "Senator Hottinger’s commitment to quality public library service in Ohio exemplifies the true spirit of Andrew Carnegie, the father of the modern public library."

"I am humbled by this incredible honor," said Hottinger. "As public servants, we need to ensure every Ohioan has access to the tremendous storehouse of wisdom and knowledge in our libraries. We also want to make sure everyone discovers all the incredible services our modern libraries have to offer."

Ohio’s public libraries enjoy the highest library use per capita in the nation with more than 8.4 million cardholders.

In addition to receiving the Andrew Carnegie Award, Hottinger presented a proclamation to the Ohio Library Council in acknowledgement of Ohio Library Week. 
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