33 senators with one goal: Serve all Ohioans
Ohio senators represent all 88 counties, divided into 33 districts. The Senate works hard to develop sound policies that reflect those things Ohioans value - to create jobs, educate children, protect citizens and help the less fortunate.
Prior to 1803, Ohio's legislature consisted of a five-legislative member Legislative Council and a House of Representatives. Today, Ohio's legislature consists of 33 members in the Senate and 99 members in the House of Representatives.
The 85th General Assembly, in 1923, was the first Senate session to include female legislators, Nettie Bromley Loughead and Maude Comstock Waitt. Currently, eight women serve in the Ohio Senate.
After 135 days of contentious debate, the Second Constitutional Convention delegates produced a new Ohio Constitution. The 1851 Ohio Constitution still remains the foundation of Ohio law.
This is Where History Happens
It may be designated a National Historic Monument, but the Statehouse is also our working seat of government. It's this combination of historical significance and modern-day utility that makes the Statehouse a compelling place to visit.

Your senator works hard to represent the beliefs and ideals of the 350,000 Ohioans in the district. Connect with your senator and share what's important to you.
You are always welcome to see your state government in action. Visit in-person at the Statehouse, or watch live and connect from your phone anytime, anywhere.
The Statehouse is truly the People's House. See where it all happens. Visit the Senate chamber. Explore the history and the future of Ohio.
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