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Matt Huffman
Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman Leads Passage of School and Neighborhood Safety Legislation
June 2, 2022
COLUMBUS — The Ohio Senate passed two pieces of legislation focusing on protecting our students and our streets.

The Senate amended House Bill 99 to add significant new safeguards to the school day, by giving school boards across the state the power to enroll school employees who volunteer for a firearm training program.

Passed by both the House and Senate, the bill creates the Ohio School Safety Crisis Center and the Ohio Mobile Training Team which will provide critical firearm instruction to school personnel who volunteer.

Senator Frank Hoagland (R-Mingo Junction) is a retired Navy Seal who led the fight to provide additional security for Ohio’s schools.

“When a member of your caucus served as a SEAL in combat zones across the world, it makes sense to let him lead the effort to protect our students from those crazed with attacking a school,” said President Huffman.

School boards that choose to consider the program will provide notice for public input.

Governor DeWine announced plans to sign the bill into law.

Learn more about the bill here.

The Senate also gave voters the ability to reform Ohio’s Bail Guidelines.

A recent 4 to 3 ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court barred judges from considering the threat to public safety that allowing bail in certain cases may pose.

“Ask your neighbors if they think neighborhood safety should be considered before bail is offered to a person charged with a violent crime,” said President Huffman. “Ohioans should have confidence that they are protected from what we see more and more in the national news, violent repeat offenders being released without bail.”

Read the resolution you’ll vote on this November here.
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