Senate District 12
Matt Huffman
July 31, 2017
This is a win-win for families, businesses and most importantly, students. I was proud to support this initiative, which will help families keep more of their hard earned money.
June 29, 2017
"It is the duty of the state to protect the rights of it’s citizens,” said Senator Huffman. "Our caucus is committed to protecting the health and well-being of Ohio’s pregnant women and babies and this legislation reflects that commitment." 
June 21, 2017
“All budgets are imperfect," said Senator Huffman. "There are things I’m glad are included, some I wish were eliminated, and others I’m happy were left out. I do not support the amendment to change setback requirements for the construction of wind turbines, and I worked with the Finance Chairman and leadership to pare down its effect. In addition, we should be doing more to solve the unpredictability of school funding in Ohio so that we don’t have the mad dash of school district appropriations moving up and down every two years."
June 12, 2017
“Despite continually shrinking revenues, the Senate has worked to create a balanced budget that succeeds in tightening the State’s belt while still funding essential agencies and services in Ohio," said State Senator Matt Huffman (R-Lima). "As the budget process moves forward, I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure the final product accurately addresses the needs of both my constituents and the state as a whole.”
May 5, 2017
"Officer VanVorhis is an outstanding leader in both his volunteer and professional activities," Huffman said. "He serves as a role model for younger parole officers and has demonstrated a strong record of service providing for the safety of Lima residents and all Ohioans."
April 26, 2017
"I am honored to recognize such an outstanding group of young men," said Huffman. "Their discipline and hard work is paving the way to a bright future and I look forward to hearing of their future success." 
February 27, 2017
State Senator Matt Huffman (R-Lima) will announce the introduction of legislation that would would make participation in prevailing wage guidelines permissive, rather than required, for local governments institutions of higher education and specialty districts.
January 26, 2017
"I am honored to have been selected to serve on this critically important committee," said Huffman. "As a member, I will continue to push for a common sense policy agenda that will create new opportunities for Ohio families."
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