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Stephen A. Huffman
Senator Steve Huffman Introduces Bill Improving Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program
November 9, 2021

COLUMBUS—State Senator Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City) today introduced Senate Bill 261 making significant improvements to the medical marijuana program in Ohio. 

Since the inception of the medical marijuana program in 2016, championed by Huffman, he has worked alongside medical providers, the State Board of Pharmacy and the Department of Commerce to identify ways to improve the program to better serve patients in the state. 

Senate Bill 261 would expand the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana to include: autism spectrum disorder, arthritis, migraines, terminal illness and treatment of any other medical condition determined by a licensed physician. 

The bill allows for medical marijuana to be processed and dispensed in additional forms so that a patient can be treated through a variety of methods. 

"As a medical doctor and a State Senator I am committed to the quality of life of the people I serve," said Senator Steve Huffman. "The provisions in this bill are about improving the treatment options for patients."

Currently, the medical marijuana control program is regulated by the Board of Pharmacy and the Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce will now have primary oversight in an effort to streamline the process for businesses. 

Additionally, the legislation expands opportunities for level I and II cultivators and permits additional retail dispensaries to open, based on patient need and market demand.   

"My hope is that this business friendly bill will create greater access for patients at a lower cost," Huffman added. 

The bill also includes an equity study examining how the state can expand and make improvements to the medical marijuana program.

To learn more about Senate Bill 261, click here.

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