Senate District 3
Tina Maharath
Maharath, Senate Democrats Decry Harassment of Teachers and School Board Members
October 13, 2021

Today, the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus released the following statement in response to instances of harassment and other threats toward educators and school board members in Ohio:

 “We condemn all forms of harassment toward teachers, staff and school board members. These individuals should not have to fear for their own safety when making decisions on how to best educate students and provide a healthy learning environment. Threats against educators, staff and public school officials, who have already endured enough over the past year and a half as they have worked to adapt to the pandemic, are a danger to our democracy.

“Elected officials have a duty to consider the needs and opinions of the people they represent. However, these concerns must be addressed with decorum and respect. Harassment and death threats are not protected speech, and they impede our free and civil discourse. More importantly, our children are watching. When we respond to opposing ideas with threats of violence instead of facts, we teach our children that this is an acceptable way to conduct themselves in the world. Enough is enough.”

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