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Bob Peterson
Peterson Announces Funds for Technology Upgrades at Local Community College
Ohio Controlling Board Approves $353,630 for Southern State Community College
May 24, 2021

COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) today announced the controlling board approval of $353,630 to be released to Southern State Community College in Washington Court House.

"Southern State has a proven record of success for any student who has the privilege to attend this fine institution of higher education," said Peterson. "An integral part of our effort to fill in-demand jobs in our communities, I am confident this will be a strong investment in our students' futures."

$101,337.03 will be used to upgrade an engineering technology lab used for AutoCad and other design and drafting learning software. It also involves general computer labs used for student access and courses.

Additionally, $252,293.06 is allocated to upgrade and replace core network equipment to enhance internet and data connectivity speeds and provide a more robust network for students and employees across the campus. It also helps complete a project for network oriented changes and segmentation to help mitigate potential damage during a hacking or ransomware/malware occurrence.

For more information, please email Senator Peterson's office at
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