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Bob Peterson
Peterson Votes to Approve Funding for Improvements to Caesar Creek State Park
Over $1 Million Approved by the Ohio Controlling Board for Electrical Projects in Warren and Clinton Counties
October 22, 2019
COLUMBUS—State Senators Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) and Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) announced yesterday's approval by the Ohio Controlling Board of $1,072,700 for improvements at Caesar Creek State Park in Warren & Clinton counties.

"Caesar Creek is an important and special place for many families in Ohio who have spent years building memories while exploring its beautiful campground and vast network of trails and waterways," said Senator Peterson, who voted yes with his colleagues during yesterday's Controlling Board hearing. "By improving the electrical hookups for the campsites that many families rely on for safety and comfort, we are ensuring they can continue to enjoy the area in a positive way."

The purpose of the project is to perform electrical improvements to 101 campsites, ultimately improving the safety of those lots. The electrical upgrade will include a new utility-owned cable, new utility-owned transformers, new standalone distribution panels and more. Most importantly, the electrical system design will follow the latest National Electric Code (NEC) 2017 guidelines as the code has changed from previous editions.

"The Ohio Legislative Trails Caucus has worked alongside the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to take great strides to improve Ohio's trail network, including trails at Caesar Creek State Park," said Senator Wilson, who co-chairs the caucus. "By updating these campsites, we are making this park more enticing for campers, hikers and all those who love the beauty that Ohio's outdoors has to offer."

All work on the project is scheduled to be completed by May 15, 2020. For more information, please contact Senator Peterson's Office at or click here.
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