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Michael A. Rulli
Rulli Announces Bill to Make Ohio the Leader in Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
February 16, 2022
COLUMBUS - State Senator Michael Rulli (R-Salem) announced his "Accelerating Ohio’s Auto Industry" bill today to steer Ohio into the next generation of automotive manufacturing – high tech electric vehicles.
Automakers will invest $330 billion by 2025 to transition to electric vehicles, and they are deciding where to locate their new facilities right now. Rulli's measure makes sure those new jobs come to Ohio by helping our auto industry make that same transition. The bill provides $15 million to help traditional automakers move into electric vehicle manufacturing. It also provides $10 million in educational grants to create a high tech workforce for the industry. 
"I’ve seen the devastating impact of auto manufacturing leaving, and I don’t want it to continue," said Rulli. "Passage of this aggressive, multi-part legislative package is critical to provide resources and innovation to Voltage Valley and the rest of Ohio to grow our auto industry for future generations."

The bill would create a state task force of experts from the government and private industry to provide guidance on the electric vehicle market. The bill would also unlock much-needed investment in electric vehicle charging stations by updating regulations. That would provide more certainty for investors and reduce the current cost of system upgrades.
"We applaud Senator Rulli on his comprehensive approach to support this historic industry through its technology transition and working to capture the many investments being made by electric vehicle manufacturers and its supply chain," said Guy Coviello, President & CEO, Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber. "When passed, this legislation would help to sustain and grow Ohio's economy for years to come."
"The Ohio Chamber of Commerce stands in support of the Accelerating Ohio’s Auto Industry bill because it demonstrates to automakers that Ohio is serious about remaining a strong partner to the auto industry as it shifts to electric vehicle production," said Steve Stivers, President & CEO, Ohio Chamber of Commerce. "We want Ohio to be considered for future planning, growth and development. As new businesses come and grow here, we know electric vehicle infrastructure will be a key component as they decide where to invest. We want Ohio to be part of those conversations. We look forward to working together to ensure Ohio businesses are moving forward."
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