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Michael A. Rulli
Rulli Introduces Bill Creating the Holocaust and Genocide Memorial and Education Commission
September 29, 2020

COLUMBUS— State Senator Michael Rulli (R-Salem) this week introduced legislation that would create the Holocaust and Genocide Memorial and Education Commission to help cultivate knowledge and understanding of one of the most tragic occurrences in the world's history.

Senator Rulli drafted Senate Bill 372 after reading a study that ranked Ohio 32nd in Holocaust knowledge among millennials and the GenZ generations. Read more here.

"Given the heightened tensions in our nation, I believe now more than ever we need to help educate the next generations about how horrors like the Holocaust can be perpetrated by even the most civilized and sophisticated people," said Rulli. "We know that simply pledging to never forget is not enough as sadly, genocide continues to this day. My hope is that Ohio's youth will become enlightened as a result of this legislation to avoid such atrocities from ever happening again." 

The commission will be comprised of two appointed members from the majority and minority parties from both the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives, eight appointed members by the Governor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Chancellor of Higher Education and the Director of Veterans Services.

“The lack of Holocaust knowledge today is glaring. Not only are neo-Nazi groups increasingly active but recent research confirms that basic facts about the Holocaust are unknown by far too many while others are misappropriating lessons of the Holocaust," said Howie Beigelman, Executive Director, Ohio Jewish Communities. "This bill, led by Senator Rulli, and so many bipartisan co-sponsors, will help leverage Ohio’s schools, teachers, and community resources to teach this critical history. Ohio Jewish Communities and our member federations commend Sen. Rulli for his leadership. We are ready to work with the General Assembly and Gov. DeWine to make this commission a reality.”

To learn more about Senate Bill 372 click here
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