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Vernon Sykes
Sykes, Yuko Introduce Congressional District Map
September 29, 2021
Today, Ohio Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) and state Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Akron), co-chair of the Ohio Redistricting Commission, introduced Senate Bill 237, the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus’ proposal for a congressional district map. 

“The plan we are introducing today is fair, keeps communities together and doesn’t gerrymander our state,” Yuko said. “Most importantly, it doesn’t favor or disfavor any political party. I’m hopeful that it can be a starting point to create a bipartisan map that meets the constitutional reforms Ohio voters demanded in 2018.”

S. B. 237, which is co-sponsored by all members of the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus, does not illegally split contiguous municipalities or townships in any district in the state. Counties are only split to account for population requirements. 

“Our plan demonstrates that if the majority had the will, we could have drawn a bipartisan map before the September 30 deadline,” Sykes said. “It is not too late for the majority to work with us on a plan that fulfills the reforms overwhelmingly approved by Ohioans in 2018.”

The legislature is required to create a congressional map by September 30. If a plan is not adopted by this date, the Ohio Redistricting Commission is responsible for adopting a congressional district map by October 31. If a plan is not adopted by this date, the legislature once again becomes responsible. During the later stages of this process, maps must adhere to stricter requirements if it fails to receive the support of at least a third of the minority members of the general assembly. These requirements include the following:
•    The plan must not unduly favor or disfavor a political party or its incumbents;
•    The map shall not unduly split governmental units, giving preference to keeping whole, counties, townships and cities.
•    The districts shall be compact.
The plan Senate Democrats introduced today proactively accounts for these additional requirements.

To review the map, click here. To see the map on Dave’s Redistricting, click here.
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