Senate District 21
Sandra R. Williams
Ohio Senate Passes Women Veteran's Day Bill
April 10, 2019
Today the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 77 (Hoagland, Williams) with a vote of 31-0 to designate June 12 as Women Veteran’s Day.

“I think it is very important that our women veterans are recognized for their sacrifice and service to the United States of America and her citizens, and their tireless efforts to defend the Constitution,” said Senator Sandra Williams (D- Cleveland). "These women are heroes and should be celebrated as such. June 12 was chosen as the day to recognize these heroes in honor of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, which is the law that allowed women to serve as regular members of the military and was enacted on June 12, 1948.” 

Senate Bill 77 now heads to the Ohio House of Representatives for consideration.
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