Senate District 21
Sandra R. Williams
Williams Commends Passage of House Bill 169
December 8, 2021

Today, state Senator Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland) commended the passage of House Bill 169 to distribute $4.18 billion in federal dollars to various state agencies and businesses.

“This legislation will provide much-needed funding to state programs that support residents in the 21st Senate District and across Ohio,” said Williams.

The funding will be allocated to the following agencies and programs:

  • $2.485 billion for the Department of Education

  • $4 million for Higher Education Initiatives (GEER)

  •  $91 million of the Department of Health

  •  $529 million to the Department of Medicaid for workforce incentive programs

  • $480 million in enhanced FMAP to the Department of Medicaid for workforce incentive programs

  • $142 million for Medicaid Services in DODD

  • $687 million to the Department of Jobs and Family Services for childcare and unemployment

  • $250 million for community violence intervention-first responder program

  • $639 million for the child care stabilization grant

Williams commended the extent that this funding goes to remedy the financial impact that these departments have experienced:

“It is important to reinvest in our communities, our restaurants and our school districts,” she said. “This legislation will allow the businesses and agencies in our communities to recover from the economic strain that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused.”

H. B. 169 heads to the desk of Governor Mike DeWine for approval.

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