Senate District 21
Sandra R. Williams
Williams Condemns Governor for Signing Stand Your Ground
January 5, 2021
Today, state Senator Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland) issued the following statement criticizing Governor Mike DeWine for signing Senate Bill 175, which includes the so-called Stand-Your-Ground law: 

“Governor DeWine signing Stand Your Ground into law is simply unconscionable. Mere words cannot explain my deep and utter disappointment that Ohio, once again, stands on the wrong side of history.

“Communities across the country, specifically Black and Brown communities, have repeatedly witnessed the dangers of laws like Stand Your Ground. Make no mistake, this law is dangerous. It has always been dangerous. It will always be dangerous. 

“I was hopeful that Governor DeWine meant what he said when he encouraged comprehensive gun reform following the tragic mass shooting in Dayton. Signing Stand Your Ground into law is the exact opposite and a contradiction of that promise. Making it easier for murderers to walk free is not the “Do Something” that the people of Ohio asked for. It is irresponsible.

“There are undoubtedly tough days ahead, but I vow to continue advocating and fighting for legislation that will make our communities safer.”
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