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Hackett Bill Will Secure Rights for Disabled Parents, Guardians, and Foster Caregivers

May 25, 2022
Bob D. Hackett News
COLUMBUS—The Ohio Senate has passed a bill sponsored by State Senator Bob Hackett (R-London) and Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) to ensure parents with disabilities, and all disabled adults, have the same right as everyone else to care for a child.

Senate Bill 202 prohibits any government or private agency in Ohio from using a person's disability as a reason to deny or limit that person’s care for a minor. That includes attempts to deny or limit custody, parenting time, visitation, adoption, or service as a guardian or foster caregiver.

"This is part of our ongoing efforts to get the best care possible for Ohio's children in need," said Hackett. "This bill puts an end to this discrimination against the disabled in our state and helps ensure all children will get the loving and responsible care they deserve."

Four million parents in the United States are disabled. Thirteen percent of parents with physical disabilities have reported discriminatory treatment in custody cases. Parents who are deaf or blind report extremely high rates of child removal and loss of parental rights.