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Hackett Supports Unemployment Modernization and Improvement Council's Initial Report

Seeks to Make a More Efficient, Effective Unemployment Program for Ohio's Workers
August 5, 2021
Bob D. Hackett News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Hackett (R-London), today joined his colleagues on the Unemployment Modernization and Improvement Council in adopting an initial report, which makes strategic recommendations on how to fix deficiencies in Ohio's unemployment compensation system.

Since its inception, the council has met 12 times, hearing more than 27 hours of testimony from over 77 subject matter experts, constituents, and others.

"Over the past year, inefficiencies and security deficiencies in the unemployment compensation system left many families hurting, and my constituents made it clear that something needed to be done," said Hackett. "I appreciate all of the hard work by members of the council to adopt a strong set of recommendations that will ensure unemployment compensation is working for, not against, the people of Ohio."

Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio's unemployment system was overwhelmed by a rapid increase in claims, causing severe delays in the processing of legitimate claims, as well as paying out fraudulent ones.

Following an outpouring of constituent complaints with Ohio's unemployment system last General Assembly, the Unemployment Modernization and Improvement Council was created as a mechanism to address Ohioans' concerns.

The report provides a roadmap for fixing many of these issues, and sets a solid foundation that will boost Ohioans confidence in this important program, including:
  • Elevating the visibility and public understanding of unemployment compensation
  • Improving accuracy in the claim process and authentication of legitimate claims
  • Boosting transparency for claimants
  • Better utilizing the wealth of resources, within the private sector, to further improve Ohio's unemployment system
To read the full report, click here. For more information, please contact Senator Hackett's office at Hackett@OhioSenate.gov.