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Governor Signs Lang Legislation Improving Ohio's Business Climate

June 14, 2022
George F. Lang News

COLUMBUS - State Senator George Lang (R-West Chester) announced today that Governor Mike DeWine has signed Senate Bill 236 and Senate Bill 246 into law, both of which will improve Ohio's business climate.

"Thank you to Governor DeWine for continuing to prioritize small business and economic development in our state," said Lang, who was a primary sponsor for both bills. "I look forward to continuing the mission of making Ohio the most business friendly state in the nation."

Senate Bill 236 will enable insurers using an online platform to automatically enroll purchasers of product via electronic methods into electronic communications, modernizing the way the industry can communicate. Insurance law across the country was originally crafted with only paper communications between service providers and customers in mind.

Senate Bill 246 will re-establish state and local tax parity, allowing Ohio business to remain competitive in relation to other businesses throughout the country. This bill is also estimated to save Ohio small business over $100 million in tax costs.