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Roegner Votes to Protect Life

October 11, 2023
Kristina D. Roegner News

COLUMBUS—The Senate approved Senate Resolution 215, sponsored by State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) and State Senator Michelle Reynolds (R-Canal Winchester) which expresses the chamber’s opposition to Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot this November that:

  • removes the current laws protecting children, women, and families;
  • and permanently enshrines in our state’s constitution abortion-on-demand through all nine months.

"Human life is precious – at all stages – and must be protected," said Roegner. "Issue 1 is dangerous and irresponsible. It would undermine the current rights and protections of unborn children, women and parents." 

Senate Resolution 215 outlines how this misleading proposal undermines the rights of the unborn, women, and families. The resolution details the extreme consequences of Issue 1 as written, including:

  • allowing painful, late-term abortions, including those performed by dismemberment;
  • eliminating basic health and safety protections for women;
  • permitting abortion based on a child’s characteristics;
  • removing parental notification requirements for abortions;
  • giving abortion providers the power to make the final call on all abortion procedures, standards, and timing;
  • giving abortion doctors the power to unilaterally declare whether a woman’s health is endangered by her pregnancy, at any stage of that pregnancy;
  • and, allowing abortion providers to pressure children into abortion without their parents’ involvement.

Issue 1 will be on the ballot this November. Read the Senate Resolution here