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Senator Roegner Announces Millions in Funding for District Projects

Investment Is First Phase of Capital Budget Process
June 10, 2024
Kristina D. Roegner News

COLUMBUS—State Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson) announced the investment of millions of dollars from the One-Time Strategic Community Investment Fund (OTSCIF) to fund meaningful projects that will benefit our local communities and residents for years to come.
"Our state must make smart investments into our communities while being good stewards of Ohioans' hard-earned tax dollars," said Roegner. "These transformational projects will benefit the residents of Summit County for generations to come."

The following are some of the projects awarded funding in Senate District 27:

New Franklin Sewer Project - $3,800,000: These dollars will impact 14,000 residents and will bring sanitary sewer and economic development activity to the area.

Mayor Paul Adamson said, “The residents of the City of New Franklin are deeply grateful to Senator Kristina Roegner for her commitment to our city and our region, by virtue of her work to secure $3,800,000 for the City from the One-Time Strategic Community Investment Fund. Made possible with this allocation, the expansion of sewer to our S.R. 93 commercial corridor is a game-changer for our City. This project will provide opportunities for commercial and residential development, all while staying consistent with the rural character of our community. In addition to serving the needs of current businesses wishing to expand and property owners interested in development, this project will better equip the City to continue to provide the high level of services that our residents value and appreciate. None of this would have been possible without Senator Roegner’s leadership and commitment. Once again we are deeply grateful!”

Cuyahoga Falls Regional Fire Training Complex - $1,500,000: This funding will help construct a regional training facility to provide fire departments throughout Summit County and the surrounding area with the ability to perform essential emergency training. Mayor Don Walters said, "Thank you to Senator Roegner's office and the State Senate for securing $1.5M for our state-of-the-art firefighter training facility. There is nothing more important than public safety, and Cuyahoga Falls will set the new standard for highly skilled first responders.”

Stow First Responders Memorial - $95,863: This will help fund a new monument that would honor first responders who have served the public and those who have given their lives in the line of duty.  Chief of Police Jeff Film said, “The Stow Police and Fire Departments have been fundraising for the past five years for the Stow First Responder Memorial.  If it wasn’t for the dedication of Senator Kristina Roegner to the first responders across the State of Ohio, I do not think that we would ever have raised enough funds for this project to be completed.  This memorial will honor those members of the Stow safety forces who proudly served their community as well as those who lost their lives protecting our community.”

Akron-Canton Airport West Side Development - $3,200,000: This project will expand the airport’s ramp space by 150,000 square feet, addressing current capacity limitations and allowing for the development of more hangar space. “We are incredibly thankful for Senator Roegner’s support of our project and the diligent work of our elected officials in bringing this request to fruition,” said Ren Camacho, President and CEO of the Akron-Canton Airport. “Adding an FAA-standard ramp to the West Side General Aviation Area would provide much-needed space for our current and future tenants to grow. In turn, the region stands to benefit from increased business, job creation, expanded transportation options, and enhanced educational opportunities.”

Village of Boston Heights Safety Center - $836,831: This funding will support the renovation of the current fire station and the design and construction of an addition, nearly tripling the facility’s square footage. This expansion will bring the Village’s police out of the basement of the Town Hall and combine safety services under one roof. Village of Boston Heights Mayor Ron Antal said, “The Village of Boston Heights is on the brink of experiencing unprecedented business growth and expansion over the next 1 to 5 years. The support from Senator Roegner for the OTSCIF award is a crucial step towards this progress. This award will facilitate the construction of a much-needed safety center, which will serve as a vital hub for emergency response and coordination efforts. This safety center is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents and businesses. By investing in this infrastructure now, we can proactively prepare for the anticipated growth and development of Boston Heights, creating a secure environment that will foster continued prosperity.”

Macedonia Service Center - $500,000: This project seeks to consolidate city services within one building, which will improve efficiency and lead to better use of tax dollars.
Macedonia Mayor Nick Molnar stated, “I would like to thank Senator Roegner for helping to secure some funding for our new service building project. This project will help to centralize our service team in a safe and suitable building while greatly improving the ability to serve Macedonia!”

Middle School Skilled Trades Center - $750,000: This project has the potential to expose 60,000+ students to careers in skilled trades. The center will offer trade experiences in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, welding, carpentry, and 3D Design. Patrick Scherer, CEO of project sponsor Great Trail Council BSA, said, "The Skilled Trades Education Center will provide thousands of young people each year with hands-on learning in the skilled trades.  This initial opportunity to experience these skills will have a positive impact on the number of young people seeking apprenticeships and careers within the skilled trades.  Great Trail Council is excited to play a key part in revealing the opportunities available to young people in the skilled trades.  This project would not have been possible without the support of Senator Roegner and the State of Ohio."

The funding for these projects came from the unique, one-time fund established under the state's current operating budget, House Bill 33, passed by the Ohio General Assembly in June of 2023. 

The OTSCIF set aside $700 million as an additional source of funding allowing communities and organizations to apply for help with projects that might not qualify as part of the state's traditional Capital Budget that happens every two years.

Each chamber developed a plan for $350 million of the total amount while coordinating good faith negotiations to determine projects for the OTSCIF.

The Senate Finance Committee will begin hearings on the bill addressing the OTSCIF funding immediately. Click here for a comprehensive list of projects. and a link highlighting specific projects in senators’ districts. Follow On The Record for additional updates as the Capital Budget advances through the General Assembly.