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Ohio Senate Honors Life of Dick Schafrath

September 18, 2021
Mark Romanchuk News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario) this week announced the adoption of Senate Resolution 172, honoring former Ohio State Senator Dick Schafrath, who passed away on August 15, 2021.

Schafrath was born in Wooster, Ohio in 1937, quickly developing an incredible work ethic while working on the family farm. He would go on to play football at The Ohio State University under legendary coach Woody Hayes, and was a part of the 1957 National Championship and 1958 Rose Bowl teams. Schafrath would continue his football career with the Cleveland Browns from 1959-1971, playing in seven pro bowls.

Schafrath was elected to the Ohio Senate in 1987, serving until 2000. After retiring, he returned to Ohio State to finish his bachelors degree at the age of 69.

To watch Senator Romanchuk speak on the life and legacy of Dick Schafrath during session this week, click here.