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Senator Antani Introduces Bill that if Passed Would Make Ohio Most Military Friendly State in United States According to DOD

August 2, 2021
Niraj Antani News
COLUMBUS – Today, State Senator Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) introduced the “Ask the Question” bill that, if passed, will make Ohio the most military friendly state in the country. This bill is a priority for the Department of Defense and will be the last bill needed to complete their 2021 Key Personnel and Readiness Issues Supporting Service Members and Families checklist.

Over the past General Assemblies, Ohio has passed into law all but 2 bills on this checklist, with this bill being the last bill to be introduced on. If both bills are passed, it would make Ohio the first state in the nation to complete the checklist, making Ohio the most military friendly state in the nation. Antani’s district includes portions of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Other members of the Dayton’s Senate delegation are co-sponsors of the legislation, Senators Hackett and S. Huffman. “Wright Patterson Air Force Base is so critical to our region’s economy and our nation’s security,” Antani said. “I will continue to work hard to help our active duty military on base at the state level, and this bill will make us a leader across the nation.” The bill requires state agencies to “Ask the Question” about veteran status when someone interacts with a government agency. Ohio will then be able to better connect them to veteran resources. The bill also requires government agencies to inquire about active duty military status; then, those active duty military members will be informed of resources for active duty military, such as the benefits from the other bills on the checklist. “Ohio’s commitment to our military service men and women doesn’t end when their years of service are over. Veterans and retirees stay in Ohio because of the services and support we offer,” said Elaine Bryant, Executive Vice President, Dayton Development Coalition. “Senator Antani’s “Ask the Question” bill will help ensure our veterans and retirees can access the support they need and bring these benefits to more Ohioans.” The bill will next be referred to a Senate committee.