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A Must Watch President's Podcast

Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman discusses the implications of the passage of Issue 1 and Issue 2
By John Fortney
November 17, 2023
On The Record

When the legacy media narrative becomes the story.

This week, a must watch President’s Podcast focusing on election night.

Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman talks about the passage of Issue 1 and Issue 2.

His statement on Issue 1 caused quite a social media meltdown as the legacy media read meaning into the statement that simply wasn’t there.

Plus, what he thinks will happen at some point that’ll change hearts and minds about abortion in Ohio.

Then, what changes are coming to Issue 2, Ohio’s new recreational marijuana law.

President Huffman talks about some of the big changes the Senate may make to the newly passed statute that big marijuana won’t like, from removing sweetheart deals on tax rates to defining a poorly written section of the statue requiring a minimum amount of THC of 35%  rather than a cap of 35%.

Also, a new lawsuit challenges putting the party labels of statewide judicial candidates at the ballot box. Why more information is good for voters, and why the new law that originated in the Senate encourages voter participation.

Listen to all this and more in this week’s podcast, an engaging, enlightening and informative interview with Senate President Matt Huffman. Click here to listen and watch on Spotify.