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A Statehouse Christmas Story

By John Fortney
December 21, 2023
On The Record

Charles Dickens, Governor Thomas Corwin. and former U.S. Chief Justice Salmon Chase star in our President’s Podcast Christmas story.

Join us for a ghosts of Christmas past stagecoach ride of a Christmas tale told by Chris Matheney, the Historic Site Manager for the Ohio Statehouse. 

Charles Dickens originally had an Ebenezer Scrooge opinion of Ohio in the mid-1800’s, but like his main character in “A Christmas Carol,” his thoughts softened over time.

Today’s live streamed holiday choirs, and LED adorned tree lighting ceremonies of Christmas present, make us thankful for the Christmas spirit that was covered softly by the gas lighting, no pun nor pudding intended, of the 19th Century.

Also, if you've never been to the Statehouse, Chris led us through the Ohio Statehouse for a tour with former Senator Bill Coley a few years ago. Take the tour with us here.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.