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Attention Focused On Ohio This Week

By John Fortney
January 19, 2024
On The Record

This week the Ohio Senate will vote to override the Governor’s veto on House Bill 68.

The bill simply protects children from sex change surgery, also known as gender reassignment surgery, while maintaining access to counseling and some prescriptive treatments. It also protects girls’ and women’s sports by not forcing females to compete against boys and men on school and college teams.

If you haven’t read our column responding to the media’s temper tantrum following the House’s convincing vote to override the governor’s veto, it is worth your time. How can editorial pages be so out of touch with today’s audience? No wonder their businesses so many newspapers are folding.

Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman delivers some straight talk on the President’s Podcast regarding the vote to override. It’s worth listening to his thoughts, as a grandfather of seven grandkids, about why we have a duty to protect Ohio’s children.

You may be very familiar with the Family Research Council and the work the group does from Washington, D.C., promoting policies that protect families and children.

This week, Senator Kristina Roegner, R-Hudson, appeared on “Washington Watch,” with the President of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins.  Senator Roegner chaired the Senate Committee that held hours of hearings on HB 68.  Watch and listen to their conversation as they talk about the bill that not only protects children from these radical and experimental treatments, but also protects the integrity of Title IX and women’s sports. 

If you missed our remarkable conversation with Riley Gaines in a recent President’s Podcast, take time to listen. The threat facing our daughters on the fields, courts, and in locker rooms is real.

John Fortney is Director of Communications for the Ohio Senate Majority Caucus