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Border Security Forum Ignored by State Media

Top Issue in Country Doesn't Interest Television or Newspaper Journalists
By Jerry C. Cirino
April 5, 2024
On The Record

The wide open southern border is a growing threat to Ohio. The mainstream media won’t discuss it. But I will.

I hosted a Border INsecurity Forum last week with Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and numerous law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and local officials. We spent time learning about how the porous Southern Border is creating dangerous criminal activity in our Northeastern Ohio communities.

We invited the media to attend.

There was zero coverage.

Just another taste of The Views the News Excludes.

Public safety is paramount. We cannot thrive as a state without it, or ensure the security of your homes, neighborhoods, and loved ones.

But the media doesn’t want to talk about protecting the public or the threats posed by unimpeded illegal immigration. We saw that firsthand in Independence when the entire state media ignored our forum and the dire concerns we raised and discussed.

But why?

It doesn’t fit the liberal narrative that all is fine in Uncle Joe’s America. Even when it isn’t.

Just ask Americans.

More Americans are saying that immigration is the most important problem the country faces today. 68 percent of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the immigration issue, and close to half of Americans worry a great deal about illegal immigration.

“It’s the economy, stupid,” is no longer the case.

As bad as the economy is, and the inflationary spiral of Bidenomics is unquestionably a disaster for working men and women across America, it is no longer the top issue in this year’s presidential election.

Unabated illegal immigration is rapidly becoming the main issue for the upcoming November election.

Alarm bells should be ringing in the White House. The media should be talking about the problem, uncovering the truth about it, and sharing the facts with the public.

But they won’t, because they know the problem and the lack of solutions from the mismanaged federal government hurts their storylines and their liberal candidates.

Covering the real news would show the disastrous results of Biden’s immigration policies and stunt the election chances of Democrats in every state – especially now that every state has virtually become a border state.

They find it’s better to ignore the problem than talk about it. Talk about media malpractice.

More noteworthy, the people trying to solve it are in the “wrong” party.

We Republicans want to help the people suffering the deadly consequences of our wide open southern border. But, since we have the wrong party affiliation, no one in the media wants to listen.

This fact only hurts the American people. And that is an unconscionable sin committed by an openly biased media.

The wide open border is a growing threat to our health and safety.

Public health is at risk when this never-ending flood of immigrants come across the border without any screening.

Just last year, New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan warned that half of the immigrants coming to the Big Apple were unvaccinated for polio. The new migrants come from, or through, areas with high rates of infectious tuberculosis. Outbreaks of chickenpox were common in migrant shelters.

Polio was considered eliminated in the Americas in 1994. Tuberculosis cases are rising, and “most U.S. TB cases are diagnosed in people born in other countries.”

Yet we face the terrifying prospect of these diseases making a comeback.

Moreover, local law enforcement is facing increasingly difficult challenges every day, and the federal government is failing them.

Our law enforcement officers are combatting the growing drug epidemic, human trafficking, and gun smuggling. They consistently see how these drugs, guns, and people are brought across the border and come right into our state to hurt Ohioans. Criminals in this country illegally are creating networks that will threaten your safety and security every day for years to come.

We have seen horrific stories about these dangers across the country. But it is happening close to home.

On Wednesday, an illegal immigrant was arrested on suspicion of killing a man in Hamilton, Ohio. He is facing charges for “aggravated murder (premeditated), using weapons while intoxicated, carrying concealed weapons, possession of drugs and obstructing official business.”

According to Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, the suspect was deported seven times and held in the county’s jail 11 times in total.
Butler County has held nearly 1,000 illegal aliens in their jail to face state charges since July of 2021.

This nightmare has to stop. Now.

The southern border has to be secured. We have to give our law enforcement officers with the tools to fight crime, not defund them to make ourselves weaker. Because even if the floodgates are finally put back up, it is likely too late to stop many of the catastrophic effects.

Sadly, the media would rather be quiet and let the country drown than let their liberal elitist objectives and candidates fail.

I will not be quiet. I encourage you to watch the full forum and learn more about this crisis and its effects on Ohio.