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Facing the Statehouse Press Corps: Senate President Responds to Key Headlines This Week

Joe Biden and the Ohio Ballot- Judge Stays Law Protecting Children -Updating Marijuana Law
By John Fortney
April 18, 2024
On The Record

Springtime in Ohio wouldn't be complete without getting into the weeds with Ohio's statehouse press corps.  There are always headlines blooming, many of them national.

Following the rollout of the Senate's Select Committee's Housing Report, Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman took tough questions this week from statehouse media.

The looming question facing the Biden campaign - Will Joe Biden make the November ballot in Ohio? President Huffman continued to push back on the narrative from the left that there is a conspiracy by Republicans to keep Joe Biden off the ballot based on the timing of the Democratic National Convention's process of certifying Biden as the party's nominee.

Ohio's new law protecting children from radical sex change surgeries was stayed by a Common Pleas Court Judge in Franklin County. While the ACLU claimed victory, a federal court has ruled otherwise in a similar case. House Bill 68 also protects the integrity of Title IX and women's sports from being infiltrated by men claiming to be or "identifying" as women.  President Huffman talks about the role of the courts in these cases, and how the process could be changed.

Changes are pending to the state's new marijuana law. The Senate passed changes, supported by the Governor, that don't have support in the House of Representatives. Yet, without those changes, the program is vulnerable and the potential for consequences to Ohioans is signficant.

Watch the President answer questions from the Senate's Harding Press Room.