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Foreign campaign contributions attacking Ohio elections

European billionaire funneling millions into leftist causes
By The Editors
February 2, 2024
On The Record

Foreign campaign contributions are now targeting Ohio’s elections.

It might sound like a movie script based on espionage tradecraft, but it is the reality we are facing here in the heartland.

This week we learned that contributions from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a far-left advocacy group led by a Swiss billionaire, are helping fund the attack on Ohio’s redistricting process.

That’s a process endorsed by 70% of the voters in 2015, which also produced a bipartisan and unanimous vote by the Redistricting Commission approving Ohio’s new House and Senate maps last fall.

Senator Theresa Gavarone joins us this week on the President’s Podcast.

She is leading the way in protecting Ohio’s elections from foreign interference and contributions.

Get her unique perspective about why bills she is sponsoring in the Senate are vital to Ohio’s election integrity, especially in a presidential election year.