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GOP protects Ohio elections from foreign influence and fixes Biden's Ballot mess

McColley reveals why Democrats really want to keep foreign money
By The Editors
May 31, 2024
On The Record

State Senator Rob McColley delivers a hard-hitting interview in this week's President's Podcast about the Special Session called by the Governor. 

The Upper Chamber again led the way with solutions by cleaning up the Democrats' mess and putting President Biden on the November ballot, while also protecting our elections from foreign influence by closing a contribution loophole for statewide issue campaigns. 

McColley reveals the shocking reason why Democrats support keeping foreign dark money in Ohio's elections.

The Ohio Senate passed these two key pieces of legislation Friday during the Special Session called by Governor DeWine. 

House Bill 1 was championed by McColley and State Senator Theresa Gavarone. It extends the current law banning foreign contributions to candidates running for office by eliminating the loophole allowing foreign donations to statewide issue campaigns.

"It's imperative we protect our democratic republic from foreign influence, and at its core, this should be an issue where we all find common ground," McColley said. "Our efforts will close this loophole in Ohio's law to better protect Ohio’s elections from foreign nationals hiding behind dark money entities."

"Ohio's elections are meant for Ohioans, not foreign billionaires who wish to exert their influence on our state. Everyone regardless of party affiliation should agree on this basic tenet in order to protect our elections from outside interests," said Gavarone. "Today, the Senate succeeded in its mission, and I look forward to the Governor signing this bill into law."

Senate President Matt Huffman issued the following statement: 

"I am grateful for the Governor’s strong statement supporting the Senate’s efforts to ban foreign contributions to ballot initiative campaigns. His actions helped get this critical legislation across the finish line and protect our elections. We also needed to ensure that President Biden is on the ballot in November and it needed to be done legislatively."

Both bills have been delivered to the Governor for his signature. 

Watch this week's podcast here.