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Hoagland to Retire from the Senate

"In addition to his expertise, he brought a genuine caring and sense of humor that we will miss"
By The Editors
November 17, 2023
On The Record

Ohio Senator Frank Hoagland announced his retirement from the Senate with his resignation to take effect December 1st.
“It has been an honor to serve with my colleagues in the Ohio Senate,” said Senator Hoagland. “From serving my country as a SEAL in the United States Navy, to serving my neighbors in the 30th Senate District, my heart will always be loyal to my country and to my state.”
Senator Hoagland spent a career in the U.S. Navy and continued to fight for his fellow veterans by securing funding for key mental health and rehabilitation programs in the state budget.
“I’m honored to call Senator Hoagland a colleague and a friend,” said Senate President Matt Huffman. “Frank brought a unique understanding to the job which was very helpful and enlightening to our caucus on a range of topics. In addition to his expertise, he brought a genuine caring and sense of humor that we will miss," said President Huffman. "He is a true hero in every sense of the word."

Senator Hoagland, who served overseas in multiple war zones during the International War on Terror and the War on Drugs in South America, looks forward to spending time with his grandchild and family.

“I’ve witnessed the immense sacrifices our active duty military and law enforcement make so our families can rest easy at night.” said Senator Hoagland. "We should be grateful that we live in such a great country and the great State of Ohio."
The Senate will establish a screening committee to review potential replacements for the remainder of the unexpired term in the 30th District.