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huffman explains importance of overriding governor's veto

Countering the fake news narrative and ensuring the safety of Ohio's most precious natural resource
By The Editors
January 26, 2024
On The Record

This was a historic week in the Ohio Senate.

Lawmakers voted to protect our most precious natural resource – our children.

Senate Republicans cast 24 votes on Wednesday to complete the final phase of the legislature’s override of the governor's veto of House Bill 68.

This legislation protects women’s sports in Ohio. By maintaining the integrity of Title IX, the bill ensures that our daughters’ courts, playing fields, and locker rooms are safe, competitive, and for women and girls only. 

The bill also prevents gender reassignment surgeries and the use of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers on children, protecting youth from procedures and drugs that have life-long consequences, while also ensuring access to mental health care. It also preserves the right of parents to consent to any such mental health treatment.

However, the media coverage (as usual) came with a fixed and false narrative. That included the Ohio Associated Press, which wrote that “Ohio has banned gender-affirming care for minors.”

In this week’s President’s Podcast, Senate President Matt Huffman responds to the misleading coverage.

President Huffman joined host John Fortney for a conversation covering two veto overrides, the hypocrisy of yet another redistricting effort on behalf of  Democrats, and the Ohio Senate’s move to protect elections from millions of dollars pouring in from foreign sources.